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Socrates—I In His Own Defense (399 B.C.) 65
   II On Being Declared Guilty (399 B.C.) 77
  III On Being Condemned to Death (399 B.C.) 82
IsocratesOn the Union of Greece to Resist Persia (380 B.C.) 89
IsaeusIn the Suit Against Dicæogenes and Leochares 101
Demosthenes—I The Second Oration Against Philip (344 B.C.) 110
    II On the State of the Chersonesus (342 B.C.) 120
   III On the Crown (330 B.C.) 143
AeschinesAgainst Ctesiphon; or, On the Crown (330 B.C.) 186
DinarchusAgainst Demosthenes (324 B.C.) 233