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I. The Gospel of Content
Frederick Greenwood
II. Poor Cousin Louis Ella D'Arcy 34
III. The Composer of "Carmen" Charles Willeby 63
IV. Thirty Bob a Week John Davidson 99
V. A Responsibility Henry Harland 103
VI. A Song Dollie Radford 116
VII. Passed Charlotte M. Mew 121
VIII. Sat est Scripsisse Austin Dobson 142
IX. Three Stories V., O., C.S. 144
X. In a Gallery Katharine de Mattos 177
XI. The Yellow Book, criticised Philip Gilbert Hamerton, LL.D. 179
XII. Dreams Ronald Campbell Macfie 195
XIII. Madame Réjane Dauphin Meunier 197
XIV. The Roman Road Kenneth Grahame 211
XV. Betrothed Norman Gale 227
XVI. Thy Heart's Desire Netta Syrett 228
XVII. Reticence in Literature Hubert Crackanthorpe 259
XVIII. My Study Alfred Hayes 275
XIX. A Letter to the Editor Max Beerbohm 281
XX. An Epigram William Watson 289
XXI. The Coxon Fund Henry James 290


The Yellow Book Vol. II. July, 1894