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Mr. Webster on the Strata lying over the Chalk.

pits of a marle without flints, and which is evidently over the chalk. The same marl is also to be found in Dorsetshire west of Corfe Castle. I have not however heard of its existence in the London basin.

The agreement of the fossils of our chalk with that of France has been already pointed out by Mr. Parkinson in his Memoir “on some of the Strata in the neighbourhood of London,” in the first volume of the Transactions of this Society. In the following lists I have been favoured by his assistance in the endeavour to appropriate the fossils to their peculiar beds.

In the Chalk with Flints.
Asteriæ resembling
Pentagonaster semilunatus
────── regularis
Pentaceros lentiginosus
Stella lumbricalis, lacertosa, corpore spherico.
Echini of the following families.
Cidaris several species.
Spines of the foregoing: particularly those resembling the belemnites as described by Mr. Parkinson.
Serpulæ, particularly the serpula of Mr. Parkinson's organic remains, vol. 3. pl. 7. fig. 11.
Ostrea, several species.