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Mr. Webster on the Strata lying over the Chalk.

Middle beds
Cardita avicularia Citheria nitidula
Orbitolites plana ———— elegans
Turritella imbricata Miliolites
Terebellum convolutum Cerithium?
Culyptræa trochiformis Articulate bodies
Pectunculus pulvinatus     resembling vegetables
Upper beds
Miliolites Cerithium lapidum
Cardium lima or obliquum ———— petricolum
Lucina saxomrum Corbula anatina?
Ampullaria spirata ———— striata
Cerithium tuberculatum Impressions of leaves
———— mutabile

Messrs. Cuvier and Brongniart remark that the nummulites are found only in the lowest beds of the calcaire grossier, to which belongs also the cerithium giganteum. I am enabled by the information of Mr. Holloway, who pointed out to me these fossils at Bracklesham in Selsea, and also in Stubbington cliff near Portsmouth, to add this very strong circumstance of agreement with the French strata.

It is impossible not to be struck with the identity of the fossil shells of the sandy beds of Liancourt with those of Stubbington.

At the former of these places are found:

Nummulites lenticularia
———— lævigata
Turritella terebellata
———— imbricataria
Crassatella sulcata
Venericardia planicosta
Sharks' teeth

The whole of which are to be found at Stubbington.