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Mr. Webster on the Strata lying over the Chalk.

Names given by Lamarck.

Linnean names. Place where they have been found.
Tongue of fish of the genus Raia Sheppey
Tail of the String Ray Highgate
Scales of fish Sheppey
Vertebræ of various species of fish Sussex, Sheppey, Highgate
Cancer, above 20 species of Crabs Sheppey
———— Gammarus or Lobster Sheppey
———— Crangon or Prawn Sheppey
Wood, often pierced by the Teredo navalis &c filled with pyrites or calacareous spar Portsmouth, Sheppey, Highgate
Fruits, branches, excrescences, ligneous seed vessels and berries impregnated with pyrites Sheppey, Emsworth in Sussex

Although nearly 600 species of fossil shells have been described by M. Lamarck as belonging to the calcaire grossier, Messrs. Cuvier and Brongniart have selected the following as particularly characteristic of the several beds.

Lower beds

Nummulites lævigata Cerithium giganteum
————— scabra Lucina lamellosa
————— numismalis Cardium porulosum
————— &c. Voluta cithara
Madrepora Crassatella lamellosa
Astraæ Turitella multisulcata
Caryophyllia Ostrea Flabellula
Fungites ——— Cymbula