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Mr. Webster on the Strata lying over the Chalk.

Names given by Lamarck.

Linnean names. Place where they have been found.
Dentalium elephantinum Dentalium elephantinum Hordwell, Sussex
───── entalis ───── entalis
───── dentalis ───── dentalis
───── striatulum ───── striatulum
Serpula Serpula Hordwell; Bognor, Sheppey
Nautilus imperialis Sheppey, Highgate, Brentford
───── pompilius Sheppey, South-end, Highgate, Brentford
───── centralis Richmond
Lenticulina rotulata Stubbington
Nummulites lævigata Brackelsham in Selsea
Pinna, 2 species Pinna Bognor
Mytilus modiola Mytilus Bognor, Highgate
Pectunculus pulvinatus Arca glycemeris Bognor, Stubbington, Essex
Cardium porulosum Cardium porolusum Hordwell
───── asperulum ───── asperulum
───── obliquum ───── obliquum
Crassatellata lamellosa Tellina sulcata Hordwell
Venericardia planicosta Stubbington, Selsea
Capsa rugosa Venus deflorata Pagham
Chama lamellosa Chama squamosa Hordwell
───── calarata Hordwell
───── sulcata Hordwell, Stubbington, Alum-bay
Ostrea edulis Ostrea edulis Bognor, Selsea, Essex
Pyrus bulbiformis Hordwell, Stubbington; Alum-bay
Caryophillia Turbinated Madrepores Sheppey
Teredo navalis Teredo navalis Stubbington, Portsmouth, Sheppey, Bognor, Highgate
Jaw of Crocodile Sheppey
Testudo or Turtle Sheppey
Various Fish, but too mutilated to ascertain the species Sheppey
Fish teeth, supposed by some to belong to the shark Sheppey, Stubbington, Highgate
Molar teeth of fish, called Bufonites Sheppey
Palatum Scopuli and other palates of fish Selsea, Sheppey