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1813 donations. donors
June18. Drawing of a Curvature in Lias, near Shepton-Mallet Rev. Wm. Conybeare, Mem. G. Soc.
Seven Drawings of Rocks on the Coast from St. Agnes to Cligga point Rev. I. J. Conybeare. Mem. G. Soc.
General Sections of the Isle of Wight and of Alum Bay T. Webster, Esq. Keeper of the Mus. G.S.
Nov.19. Map of the County of Wicklow. J. F. Berger, M.D. Mem. G. Soc.
Two Drawings of Undulating Veins of Granite and Quartz. J. MucCulloch, M.D. V. P. G. Soc.
Drawings of the Clay Cliffs of Sheppey, and of a Chalk-pit at Northfleet. T. Webster, Esq. Keeper of the Museum G. Soc.
Dec.3. Nineteen Maps of the North of Europe. M. Etter.
M.S. Map of the County of Donegal. Earl of Londonderry
M.S. Survey of the Malvern Hills. Lieut. Colonel Mudge Mem. G. Soc.
Hydrographical Survey of the West Coast of Ireland J. F. Berger, M.D. Mem. G. Soc.
17. Fennin's Map of the Isle of Man. ……
Arrowsmith's Map of Ireland. ……
Rocque's Map of the County of Dublin. ……
April1. Baugh's Map of Shropshire. Hon. H. Grey Bennet, Pres. G. Soc.
May20. Sections of the Strata at Jacob's Whim Shaft, Arkindale. A. Carlisle, Esq. Mem. G. Soc.
Diagram of throws and protrusion of schists into a vein. ……
Section of Belton Shaft near Blanchland. ……
June3. Sections and Drawings of the Pentowan Stream Works, near St. Austle, Cornwall. Edward Smith, Esq.
?[errata 1] 12 Copies of a new Map of England, in 4 Sheets.[errata 2] A. Arrowsmith, Esq [errata 3]

III. Donations to the Cabinet of Minrerals.
Nov.1. Specimens of the Strata at Folkestone. Robt. Ferguson, Esq. Vice Pres. G. S.
Crystallized Sulphate of Barytes from Cumberland. ……
Collection of Specimens from the Isle of Man. J. F. Berger, M.D. Mem. G. Soc.
Specimens from the neighbourhood of Weymouth. James Laird, M.D. Sec. G. Soc.
Specimens of Toad-stone, &c. from Micklewood, in Gloucestershire. G. Cumberland, Esq. Memb. G. Soc.
Series of Specimens from the neighbourhood of Bristol. R. Bright, Junr. Esq. Memb. G. Soc.
Specimens of Sulphur from the Souffriére of Montserrat, and of specular Iron Ore from Guadaloupe. N. Nugent, M.D. Hon. Memb. G. Sec.
Jasper Agate from Palermo. ……
Specular Iron Ore from the Lipari Islands. W. Franklin, M.D. Memb. G. Soc.


  1. Original: was amended to ?: detail
  2. Original: was amended to 12 Copies of a new Map of England, in 4 Sheets.: detail
  3. Original: was amended to A. Arrowsmith, Esq : detail