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1812 donations. donors
Apr.17. Specimens in illustration of Dr. Mac Culloch's paper on Bitumen. J. Mac Culloch, M.D. Memb. G. Soc.
Specimens in illustration of Mr. Horner's paper on Droitwich. L. Horner, Esq. Sec. G. Soc.
Specimen of Fibrous Rock Salt from Northwich. A. Aikin, Esq. Sec. G. Soc.
May1. Specimens of Calareous Spar from Tavistock. J. Taylor, Esq. Memb. G. Soc.
Specimen of recent Pentacrinus from Guadeloupe. Joseph Skey, M.D.
Specimens of the Aluminous Strata from Campsie. C. Mackintosh, Esq.
15. Specimens from Derbyshire. W. Milnes, Esq. Hon. Memb G. Soc.
Specimens of Magnesian Limestone from Sunderland. Sir A. Hume, Bart. Vice Pres. G. Soc.
June5. Series of Corundum, Oriental Ruby, and Spinelle. Count de Bournon, Foreign Sec. G. Soc.
Specimens of the Calcaire d'eau douce, and of the Meuliere d'eau douce from the neighbourhood of Paris. ……
Specimen of Hippurites from Cape Passaro in Sicily. Hon. H. G. Bennet, Memb. G. Soc.
Specimens of Alcyonia from the Isle of Wight. T. Webster. Esq. Keeper of the Mus. G.S.
19. Specimens of Tubes found in the sand at Drigg in Cumberland. E. Irton, Esq.
Series of Specimens from Vesuvius. Hon. H. G. Bennet, Memb. G. Soc.
Specimens of Chalk with Fossil Palates from Cherry Hinton. H. Warburton, Esq. Memb. G. Soc.
Specimens from Barbadoes. Joseph Skey, M.D.
Specimens from Yorkshire. ……
Specimens from Alderney. Capt. Richardson, 63d Regiment.
Specimen of Coral from the East Indies. Capt. Loch.
Specimens from Mount Sorrel in Leicestershire. H. Warburton, Esq. Memb. G. Soc.
June5. Large Fossil Vertebra from Dry Sandford, Berkshire. Rev. W. Buckland.
Specimens from France, Hungary, Siberia, &c. H. Henland, Esq. Mem. G. Soc.
Nov.6. Specimens in illustration of Dr. MacCulloch's paper on the Vitrified Forts. J. MacCulloch, M.D. Mem. G. Soc.
Specimens from Leicestershire. Robert Bakewell, Esq.
Specimens of the Sand tubes from Drigg. E. L. Irton, Esq.
Specimens from North America. Dr. Bruce.
Specimens of Flint from Norfolk. H. Reeve, M.D.
Specimens from Bristol. G. Cumberland, Esq. Hon. Mem. G. Soc.
Specimen of Carbonate of Lead from Shropshire. Thomas Dugard, M.D. Hon. Mem. G. Soc.
Specimen of Asbestos and of black Chalk from Ireland. Rev. T. Hincks, Hon. Mem. G. Soc.