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1813. donations. donors
Nov. 20. Specimens from Sicily. James Franck, M.D. Mem. G. Soc.
Specimens of Coal and Greenstone from Walsall in Staffordshire. A. Aiknn, Esq. Sec. G S.
One Ton of Coals from Wyken near Coventry. Wm. James, Esq. Mem. G. Soc.
One ditto from Pelsall, Staffordshire.
Dec. 4. Specimens from Cornwall. Rev. I. J. Conybeare, and Rev. Wm. Buckland.
18. Specimens from Ireland and Scotland. J. MacCulloch, M.D. Mem. G. Soc.
Specimens of Cobalt ore from Alderley edge, Rev. E. Stanley. Cheshire.
Jun 1. Fossil Shark's teeth from Malta. Capt. Beaufort, Hon. Mem. G. Soc.
15. Specimens from Sweden. S. Solly, Esq. Treas. G. Soc.
Specimens from Cornwall. Rev. J. J. Conybeare, and Rev. J. Buckland.
Feb. 19. Specimens from South America, from Cheshire, and Somersetshire. T. Meade, Esq. Hon. Mem. G. Soc.
Specimens illustrating the junctaon of Greenstone and Sandstone, Stirling Castle. J. MacCulloch, M.D. V.P. G. Soc.
Organic Remains illustrative of Mr. Parktnson's paper on the Strata near London. James Parkinson, Esq. Mem. G. Soc.
Specimens of Jet from Whitby, and of Agate from Scotland. Right Hon. Lord Dundas, Mem G. Soc.
Specimens of Organic Remains from Shropshtre. Hon. H. G. Bennet, Pres. G. Soc.
Specimens from Cornwall. Rev. J. J. Conybeare, Mem. G. Soc. and Rev. Wm. Buckland.
Crystallized Felspar and Bituminous Marie Slate. A. Champernowne, Esq. Mem. G. Soc.
Siliceous Petrifactions, from Tisbury, Wiltshire. Miss Bennett.
March 19. Specimens from Rutlandsmre and Harrowgate. H. Warburton, Esq. Mem. G. Soc.
Organic Remains from Hordwell Cliff, Hampshire. Miss Bennett.
Specimen of Calcareous Incrustatton found in the pipe of a steam engine. Hon. H. G. Bennet, Pres. G. Soc.
Specimens from Dorsetshtre and the Isle of Wight. Sir H. Englefield, Bart. Vice Pres. G. Soc.
April 23. Specimens of Chalcedony, from Charmouth. Rev. Wm. Buckland, Memb. G. Soc.
Siliceous Petrifactions of Corals, from Antigua. N. Nugent, M D. Hon. Memb. G. Soc,
Specimens from the neighbourhood of Paris. Hon. H. G. Bennet, Pres. G. Soc.
Fossils from the Crag Pats, Aldoborough, in Sulfolk. H. Warburton, Esq. Memb. G. Soc.
Specimens of Volcanic Ash, from the Island of Bourbon Sir Gilbert Blanc, Bart. M.D.