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1813. donations. donors.
April23. Specimen of Actynolite, from Cullen Point. Rev. W. Serle, Memb. G. Soc.
Slate, with Organic Remains, from Tintagel, Cornwall. Rev. I. J. Conybeare, Memb. G. Soc.
May7. Specimen of Euclase, from Brazil. E. W. Rundell, Esq. Memb. G. Soc.
Specimen of Topaz and Apatite, St. Michael's Mount, Cornwall. S. Solly, Foreign Sec. G. Soc.
21. Specimens of Zeolites, from Ferroe and Perthshire. Leonard Horner, Esq. Sec. G. Soc.
June4. Specimens from the Archipelago. Wm. Mac Michael, M.D. Memb. G. Soc.
Specimens from Cambridgeshire. H. Warburton, Esq. Memb. G. Soc.
Specimen of native Arsenic, from the Hartz. A. Champernowne, Esq. Memb. G. Soc.
18. Specimens, containing Organic Remains, from the summit of Snowdon. Rev. J. Hallstone Woodwardian Prof. Memb. G. Soc.
Specimens of Tremolite, from Clicker Tor, Cornwall. Rev. W. Gregor, Hon. Mem. G. Soc.
Specimens from Huel Maudlin Mine, Cornwall. W. Rashleigh, Esq. Memb. G. Soc.
Volcanic Specimens from the Rhine, and Minerals from Sweden. S. Solly Esq. Treasurer G. Soc.
Specimens of simple Minerals. H. Heuland, Esq. Memb. G. Soc.
Nov.5. Specimens of a supposed Fossil Crocodile, from Charmouth. G. B. Greenough, Esq. Memb. G. Soc.
Specimen of Organic Remains, from Wiltshire, Hampshire, and Dorsetshire. Miss Bennett.
Specimens of Zeolitic Amygdaloid, from Ferroe. T. Allan, Esq.
Specimen of Calcareous Spar, from Shropshire. T. Dugard, M.D.
19. Fossil Wood, from the Isle of Portland. G. Cumberland, Esq. Memb. G. Soc.
Nummulites, from Selsea. James Parkinson, Esq. Memb. G. Soc.
Large Crystal of Felspar, from Catharineberg, in Siberia. H. Heuland, Esq. Memb. G. Soc.
Specimens and Fossils illustrative of Mr. Webster's Paper on the Strata above the Chalk. T. Webster, Esq. Keeper of the Mus. G.S.
Dec3. Specimen of Strata and of Organic Remains. B. Bevan, Esq. Hon. Memb. G. Soc.
Organic Remains from Corwen, in North Wales. O. Tudor, Esq. Mcmb. G. Soc.
Specimens of Granite and Gneiss, from North Wales, Westmoreland, and Leicestershire. G. B. Greenough, Esq. Memb. G. Soc.
Specimens from Glen Tilt, in Aberdeenshire, illustrative of his paper. J. Mac Culloch, M.D. Vice Pres. G. Soc.
Specimens from Russia. M. Etter.
17. Specimens from Cornwall. Rev. I. J. Conybeare, Memb. G. Soc.