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Aberfoyle, on the Rocks in the Neighbourhood of 446
Adits, in the mining District of Cornwall 129
Ailsa Craig, Mineralogical Observations on 417
Alcyonia, Fossil, on some new Varoieties of 377
──────────── Strata in which they are found 384
──────────── of Purbeck, Weymouth and Portland 385
Alluvial Depositions of Tin in Cornwall 342
───────────── above the Basalt of Staffa 506
───────────── around London 231
──────────────────────, Fossils found in the 241
Alum Bay, in the Isle of Wight, description of 181
Alumine, Sub-sulphat of, found at Newhaven in Sussex 191
Amworth, Vitrified Fort of 272
Amygdaloid of the Isle of Man 45
────── of Burnt-Island, remarkable Vein in the 440
Appin, District of, Quartz Rock in the 473
Artsaig, District of, Quartz Rock in the 473
Arran, Island of, Observations on the Granite of Goatfield in the 426
Assynt, District of, Mineralogical Observations on the 408
────── Limestone of the 408
────── Quartz Rock of the 458
Augite, Rock composed of, with Felspar, in the Island of Rum 402
Bagshot Heath, Sand of 224
Bakewell, Mr. R. An account of the Coalfield at Bradford near Manchester 282
Basalt of Raasa, Contortions of the 439
───── of Staffa, Different varieties of the 502
Basaltic, Columnar, forms of the Lava of Teneriffe 290
Basin, Hampshire or Isle of Wight, extent of the 170
───── London, extent of the 171
───── Paris, description of the 161
Beachey Head, Strata at 192
Bell-metal Ore, a Sulphuret of Tin found in Cornwall 343

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