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Bennet, the Hon. H. G. Some account of the Island of Teneriffe 286
Berger, Dr. Mineralogical account of the Isle of Man 29
Binstead, Isle of Wight, Strata at 212
Bistre, on the nature of 27
Bitumens, Analogy between these and certain Products obtained in the Distillation of Wood 8
Bognor, Rocks at 190208
Bogs, Account of the black matter deposited in 24
Boharm, Mineralogical Observations on the Neighbourhood of 430
Bowlders, Observations on the Formation of 7178
Bradford, Coalfield of, account of the 282
Brentford, Strata at 108
Brighton, Cliffs at 176
Brine Springs at Droitwich, account of the 94
Bromley, Strata at 196
Burnt-Island, Compound Vein of Limestone and Basalt, traversing the Amygdaloid at 440
Calbourne, Isle of Wight, Quarries at 228
Calcaire Grossier, in the Paris Basin 201
Chabasite of Staffa 504
Chalcedony, Vegetable Remains preserved in 510
──────── Green, of the Island of Rum 403
Chalk, on the Strata lying over the 161
───── of the South of England 173
───── without flints, 174—with flints, 174—Grey, 174—hard and soft, 174—of France, 175
Chalk Marl, in the South of England 173
Cheese Wring, one of the Granite Tors of Cornwall, described 69
Chlorite, peculiar forms of, in Chalcedony 512
Chlorophane, found in Cornwall 344
Chrysalis of a lepidopterous Insect inclosed in Chalcedony 527
Clay, Plastic, above the Chalk in England 166
—London, description of the 187
Clay Porphyry, Vein of, near St. Davidis 88
Clay-slate of the Isle of Man 37
───── Remarkable variety of 431