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Clay-slate, alternating with Graywacke 442447
Clovelly, North Devon, Memoranda relative to 495
Coal, on the Composition of 14
──── on the Origin of 20
──── Strata, remarkable position of, at Bradford 283
Coalfield at Bradford, account of the 282
Colwell Bay, Fossil Oyster Shells at 216
Columnar Structure of the Syenite of Ailsa Craig 419
Conybeare, the Rev. W. On the Origin of a remarkable Class of Organic Impressions occurring in Nodules of Flint 328
Conybeare, the Rev. J. J. Memoranda relative to Clovelly 495
Contortions in Mica Slate, Basalt, Veins of Granite and Quartz 438
Corfe Castle, Clay Pits near 186
Cornwall, on the Granite Tors of 66
─────── on the Veins of 110
─────── on the Economy of the Mines of 309
─────── on the Oxyd of Tin found in 336
Country, meaning of the term as used by the Cornish Miners 113
───── Nature of in Cornwall, where different Veins occur 131
Cowes, Isle of Wight, Strata at 211212
Crag Pits in Suffolk 218
Craig Phadric, Vitrified Fort on the Hill of 270
Crinan Harbour, Rocks in the Neighbourhood of 441
Cross Courses, or North and South Veins, in Cornwall 133
Crystallization from vaporized Minerals 276
──────── Observations on some Phenomena of 431, 432, 437, 514
Culver Cliff, Isle of Wight 163
Devar, near Campbelltown, Porphyry of 423
Devonshire, on the Economy of the Mines of 309
Divining Rod, still used in Cornwall 124
Dorsetshire, Chalk Hills of 170
Drannack Copper Mine in Cornwall, description of 146
Drigg, in Cumberland, Vitreous Tubes found near 528
Droitwich, Account of the Brine Springs at 94
Droylsden, Coalfield of 283
Dunglas, Agates of, containing Vegetable Remains 510