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Dun Mac Sniochain, Vitrified Fort of the Hill of 257
————————— Mineralogical Examination of 262
Egg, Island of Mineralogical Observations on the 407
Englefield, Sir Henry, Observations on the Chalk of the Isle of Wight 163
Fancy Copper Mine, Description of 149
Fluor, some remarkable Varieties of 345
Fossil, Organic Remains, in Chalk 178
——————————— in the lower Marine Formation above the Chalk 204
——————————— in the lower Freshwater Formation 210
——————————— in the upper Marine Formation above the Chalk 219
——————————— in the upper Freshwater Formation 229
——————————— in the Alluvium around London 241
——————————— Siliceous, at Feversham 195
——————————— of Hippurites 277
——————————— Remarkable Class of in Flint 328
——————————— of some new Varieties of Alcyonia 377
Freshwater Formation in the Isle of Wight, Lower 210
—————————————————— Upper 226
—————————— in the Basin of Paris 214
—————————— Conjectures respecting the Origin of 248
Garnet Rock in the Isle of Man 48
Gatacre House, Vitrified Wall of 273
Globular Siliceous Rock in the Shiant Isles and in Sky 396
Gold found in Cornwall 342
Goniometer of Dr. Wollaston, great utility of the 346
Granite, of the Isle of Man, containing Galena 36
——— of the Island of Arran, not stratified 427
————————————— Magnetic 430
——— of Labrador, containing Garnets 491
——— on the Decomposition of and its Disposition to split into blocks 70