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Granite Graphic, of Rona 391
────────── Hutton's Theory of, objected to 432
──── Veins of, at Portsoy, Observations on the 433
────────── Contortions of 439
──── Tors of, in Cornwall, Remarks on the 66
Gravel around London, Remarks on the 231
Graywacke, of the Isle of Man 39
─────── of Aberfoyle 447
─────── of Clovelly, Contortions in the 497
─────── alternating with Clay Slate 442447
─────── Observations on the term 93444
Greenstone Porphyry, near St. David's 86
Greenstone, Observations on the term 393
Green Sandstone Stratum, in the Isle of Wight 382
Grey Weathers, Description of the 224
Gypsum accompanies the Salt Springs at Droitwich 95
────── of the Isle of Purbeck 166
────── of Newhaven, in Sussex 191
────── of the Paris Basin 214
Hall, sir James, Observations on his Experiments on the Action of Heat modified by Compression, on Vegetable Matter 20
Hampstead Heath, Sand of 224
Headon Hill, Isle of Wight, Description of 184
Heat, modified by Compression, its Action on Vegetable Matter 21
──── Effect of, on the Rocks at the Vitrified Fort of Dun Mac Sniochain 266
Heliotrope of the Island of Rum 408
Herland Copper Mine, Description of 146
───────────── North, Description of 149
Hertfordshire Pudding Stone, Description of the 225
Highgate Hill, Account of the Strata of 197
Hippurites, Observations on some Specimens of 277
Hogs-Back, near Guildford, Description of the Chalk of the 172
Hordwell Cliffs, Fossils of 189
Horner, Mr. L. Account of the Brine Springs at Droitwich 94
Hornblende and Felspar, Rocks near St. David's composed of, and peculiarity of their Structure 808389