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Hornstone of the Shiant Isles 395
─────── Observations on the term 396
Huel Alfred Copper Mine, Description of 157
Huel Jewel Mine, Description of some of the Veins in 155
Huel Damsel Mine, Description of some of the Veins in 155
Hutton's Theory of Graphic Granite objected to 432
Isla, Island of, Mineralogical Observations on the 413
Isle of Man, Mineralogical Account of the 29
Isle of Sheppey, Description of the 192
Isle of Wight, On the Freshwater Formations in the 161
──────── Basin of the 170
──────── Some new varieties of Alcyonia found in the 377
Jura, Island of, Mineralogical Observations on the 450
Kentish Rag, Description of the 166
Kidd, Dr. Notes on the Mineralogy of the Neighbourhood of St. David's, Pembrokeshire 79
Killas, the term, an improper substitute for Graywacke 446
──── of Cornwall, Observations on the 499
Killin, Mineralogical Observations in the Neighbourhood of 437
Kimmeridge Coal, the bed containing it 167
Labrador, on the Geology of the Coast of 488
────── Felspar, Locality of 492
────── Hornblende, Locality of 493
Lapis Ollaris, found in Labrador 491
Lava, peculiar Species of, in the Island of Teneriffe 303
Lead Mines of the Isle of Man 50
Lead Mine of Tyndrum 479
Lightning supposed to have vitrified Sand 531
Lignites, on the Nature of 17
Limestone of the Isle of Man 41
────── of the District of Assynt 408
────── of Isla, not a Floetz Limestone 416
────── of Loch Laggan, containing Hornblende 435
Lode, Etymology of 110