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Loch Laggan, Limestone of 435
Loch Lomond, Contortions in the Mica Slate at 438
Logging Rock of Cornwall, Description of the 67
London Clay, Description of the 187
London Gravel, Remarks on the 231
Lorn, Puddingstone of 264
Mac Culloch, Dr. On certain products obtained in the Distillation of Wood, with some account of Bituminous Substances and Remarks on Coal 1
─────────── On the Granite Tors of Cornwall 60
─────────── Remarks on the vitrified Forts of Scotland 235
─────────── On the Sublimation of Silica 275
─────────── On the Junction of Trap and Sandstone at Stirling Castle 305
─────────── Miscellaneous Remarks accompanying a Catalogue of Specimens 383
─────────── Remarks on several parts of Scotland which exhibit Quartz Rock, and on the nature and connexion of this Rock in general 450
─────────── On Staffa 501
─────────── On Vegetable remains preserved in Chalcedony 510
Macles of Oxyd of Tin 366
Magnesian Limestone of the Isle of Man 43
Man, Isle of, Mineralogical Account of the 29
─────── General Description of the Extent and Form, 31, 34;—Rivers of 34;—Compound Rocks in situ, 36;-Compound Rocks not in situ, 46, 50;—Simple Minerals in situ, 50, 58;—Simple Minerals not in situ, 58;-Temperature of Springs, 60;—Height of Mountains, 62
Manor Old Vein, in Cornwall, Description of 151
Mar, District of, Quartz Rock in the 473
Marble in the District of Assynt 412
Marine Formation over the Chalk, Lower 181
────────────────────Upper 215
Marl of the Isle of Man 54
── under the Pitchstone Porphyry of the Island of Egg 408