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Dr. Berger on the Isle of Man

Transactions of the Geological Society, 1st series, vol. 2 plate page 0576-0577 map.jpg

Mountains and other Places in the Isle of Man, together with their heights, determined by the Barometer:[1] the whole arranged alphabetically, with References to the Numbers in the Map.
Names and Situation. Signification. Number
in the
Elevation in feet
above the level
of the sea.
Aire-head 1 271
Aire-how 2 188½
Aire-brow (sea-mark) 106
Athol Bridge 45 143½
Baldwin Valley head 1395
Balla-cragga how Rocky farm 44 412
Balla-chirrym; about the middle of the range Dry farm 177½
Balla-gawn; about ¾ of a mile south of Kirk-Michael
Balla-stowell Stowell's farm 11 500
Balla-wodden; about ½ mile south of Kirk-Andrew
Banks-how 25 392½
Beary mountain Beiree, tops of hills? 27 900
Bein-y-phot The Pot mountain 20 1750
Bool-benney; highest ridge on the road from Castletown to Douglass, between the 6th and 7th mile-stone a place where furze grows 39 538
Bor-roilva, Baroil, Barroole, or Bourrul; North Wild mountain 12 1850[2]
South 36 1545
Brada-head; high point 47 767
low point 46 412
Burchets' Hermitage; highest spot in the Calf of Man 49 461
Cairn 24 1430
Calf of Man; Mr. Gurley's house 206
  1. For the calculation of these heights I have made use of Professor Leslie's Sliding Scale.
  2. In the trigonometrical Survey, North-Berule, 1804 feet.