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Dr. Berger on the Isle of Man
Names and Situation. Signification. Number
in the
Elevation in feet
above the level
of the sea.
Caran-hill Crown of the head 10 984
Carden 26 1535
Carrick-hill Rock-hill 6 627
Cass-ny-hawin; taken a the head of the river The foot of the river 422
Clarkes'-hill 7 889
Clay-head is the hill that lies N.E. of Banks how
Cloven-stone; a Druidical monument, ½ from Laxey, on the Douglass road
Corrin's tower; highest point of Peel-hill 34 675
Crammag-bridge on Sulby river 452
Cregneish or Craig-neash Neash, rock 520
Cronk-dhoo Black hill 13 705
Cronk-ne-liry-Lhaa, or Cronk-ny-irrea-Laa Break of day hill 37 1445
Watershed, between Cronk-ne-liry-Lhaa and S. Borroilva on the road from Castletown to Peeltown 982½
Six mile-stone between Castletown and Peeltown; lower limit of the Turbary in that part of the island 692
Cronk-Ouyr, or Cronk Owre Ouyr dun colour
Owre, brown
3 186
Cronk-Shamrock, or Primrose hill hill of tents 5 273½
Douglass-head 42 315
Douglass-how 41 466
Dun-how 15 757
Dun-bridge; at the foot of Dun-how
Foxdale or Foxtal mines, central part 32 346
Glen-roy, at the Rev. W. Fitz Simmons' house; one of the highest habitations in the island 493