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Dr. Berger on the Isle of Man
Names and Situation. Signification. Number
in the
Elevation in feet
above the level
of the sea.
Gob-y-Scioot, or Gub-y-Scioot Ghub is point, Water-spouts are called Ghub-ny-spoots? 22 1820
Gob-y-vullea, Gub-y-vulley or vollee Gob, a beak
vully, a height
vollee, eye-brow
8 747½
Greebah or Greebey, North Grie, grey 28 1478
South 29 1355
Hampton House, about 2½ miles from Douglass, on the Castletown road 407
Hamilton bridge 220
Jurby point 117
Karraghyn, or Karaghan 31 1520
Kennish's Hill 4 508
Kione Gogan; the hill N.W. of Spanish head
Kirk Onchan 204
Kirk Lonan; Kirk Leonard in the map 365
Kirk St. Anne; Kirk St. Agnes in the map 235
Laxey mines 124
Laxey-valley-head Lax-waay or waag
Maughold Head 14 475
Middle hill, about 1½ mile from Douglass, on the Castletown road 282
Mount Murray; the hill between K. Braddan and K. Marrown Black hill 742½
Mount Pellier 19
Mullach Oure; Southern part of 23 1540
── Northern part of it and lower limit of the Turbary 23 1378
Mullin-y-chlea The concealed mill
Mullin-y-chleigh the mill on the Boundaries 28
Mullin-e-Cleii the playing mill