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Marl in the South-east part of England 166
─── Greenish, in the Isle of Wight 169
─── Chalk, Description of 173
Meteorological Observations on the Coast of Labrador 489
Mica Slate, Contortions of, at Loch Lomond 438
Mines of Cornwall and Devon, on the economy of the 309
────────────────── The nature of the agreements between the owner of the soil and the mine adventurers 311
────────────────── The arrangements between the partners or adventurers themselves 313
────────────────── The mode of employing and paying the miners and workmen 316
────────────────── The purchase of the materials employed for carrying on the undertaking 323
────────────────── The Sale of the Ores from the mine adventurers to the Smelting Companies 323
Mountains in the Isle of Man, Height of the 62
─────── in Labrador 491
Needles, Isle of Wight, Strata at the 163
Newhaven, Sussex, Strata at 191
───────────────── the Fossils of the 223
Nodules, Calcareous, in the London Clay 187
───── Siliceous, in the Stone of Tillywhim, Dorsetshire 236
Nomenclature, the imperfections of in Rocks 390
—————— Proposed modifications of in the terms Graywacke 93444448499
Greenstone and Greenstone Slate 393
Hornstone 369
Killas 446499
Porphyry 424
Quartz Rock 457485
Rocks of Transition 442470
Sienite 93419
Trap 399
North Downs, Hills composing the 171.