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Veins of Cornwall, Description of the 110
─────────── Direction and length of the 113
─────────── Underlie of the 114
─────────── Depth of the 115
─────────── Width of the 116
─────────── Denominations of the Metalliferous 117
─────────── Symptoms in the 120
─────────── Discovery of the 155
─────────── Contents of the Metalliferous 126
─────────── North and South, or Cross Courses 136
─────────── Slide 136
─────────── Heave of the 117
─────────── Feeder 138—Leader 138—the Centre 139
Vein of Limestone and Basalt traversing Amygdaloid 440
Vitreous Tubes found near Drigg 528
Vitrified Forts of Scotland, on the 255
──── Fort of Dun Mac Sniochain 257
─────── of Craig Phadric 270
─────── of Amworth 272
Vitrified Wall of Gatacre House 273
Vixen Torr, on Dartmoor, Description of the 70
Volcanic Rocks of the Island of Teneriffe 283
Walton, in Essex, Cliffs at 199
Water, Action of, on Turf or submerged Wood, converting them into substances capable of yielding Bitumen on Distillation 10
Wavellite, found in the Shiant Isles 397
Webster, Mr. T. On the Freshwater Formations in the Isle of Wight, with some Observations on the Strata over the Chalk in the South-east part of England 161
────────── On some new varieties of Fossil Alcyonia 377
Western Lines, Isle of Wight, Fossils at 380
Wight, Isle of, On the Chalk and more recent Strata of the 161
Wolfram, in the Granite of Rona 391
Wood, on certain products, obtained in the Distillation of 1
Wood Tin, a particular form of the Oxyd 341
Woolwich, Strata at 176195221

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