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Stfafa, a bed of alluvial matter on the surface of 506
Steinhauer, the Rev. Mr. Notice relative to the Geology of the Coast of Labrador 488
Stifford, Strata at 196
Stirling Castle, Junction of the Trap and Sandstone at 305
Spheroidal Forms in the structure of Rocks, and their tendency to assume these forms when decomposing, Observations on the 76
Stonehenge, Nature of the Stones at 225
Stream Tin, Occurrence of in Cornwall 342
Strata, General Order of the, in the South-east part of England 166
──── posterior to the London Clay 169
Stubbington, near Portsmouth, Strata at 189
Sulphur of Tenerife 299
Sulphuret of Tin found in Cornwall 343
Syenite, associated with Mica Slate 437
Taylor, Mr. J. On the Economy of the Mines of Cornwall and Devon 309
Teneriffe, Island of, some account of the 286
Tides, great height of, on the Coast of Labrador 494
Tin, Oxyd of, Description of the 336
─────── Not confined to primitive Rocks 338
─────── Uniformity of the crystalline forms of in particular Veins 339
─────── Alluvial Depositions of the 342
─────── Rocks that contain the 343
─────── Specific Characters of the 350
─────── Primitive Crystal and Modifications of the 351
─────── Macles of the 366
Tin Croft Copper and Tin Mine, Description of 152
Tol Carn Copper Mine, Description of 155
Tourmaline, in the Granite of Portsoy 433
─────── Peculiar appearances in some Crystals of 433434
Transition Rocks, Objections to such a division 449486
Trap and Sandstone, Junction of, and Induration of the Sandstone 305
Vegetable Remains found in Chalcedony 510
──────────────────────── Mode of detecting 518

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