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458 THIRTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 73, 1865. Independent assistant treasurer at Philadelphia, eighteen thousand three hundred "°“S“‘"-V · dollars. For salaries of clerks, messengers, and watehmen, in office of assistant treasurer at New York, one hundred and five thousand three hundred and twenty dollars. For salaries of clerks, messenger, and watchmeu, in the 0Ece of the assistant treasurer at St. Louis, nine thousand seven hundred and sixty dollars. Inerease of For additional salaries to the messenger at four hundred dollars per

gJg;¤gg;gig*¤*k¤ annum, and to the four watchmen at one hundred dollars per annum eaeh,

`which increase is hereby authorized, in the office of the assistant treasurer at St. Louis, eight hundred dollars. For salaries of clerks, porter, and watehmen, in the office of the assistant treasurer at New Orleans, nine thousand six hundred dollars. For compensation of the depositary at Santa. Fé, and the clerk, watchman, and porter in his office, four thousand eight hundred dollars. For salary of the clerk to the acting assistant treasurer at Denver, one thousand eight hundred dollars. For salaries of additional clerks, and additional compensation of ohicers 1846, eh. 90. and clerks, under act of August sixth, eighteen hundred and forty-six, for Vol- ix- P- 59- the better organization of the treasury, and tenth section of act of March 5 }€53· °h· 97- third, eighteen hundred and fifty-three, making appropriationsnfor the civil vQ,;_ x_ p_ 2u_ and diplomatic expenses of the government for the year ending the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and fifty-four, at such further rates as the secretary may deem just and reasonable, fifty thousand dollars. Designpred For compensation to designated depositaries, under fourth section of d°P°s‘“""s· act of August sixth, eighteen hundred and forty-six, for the collection, safe-keeping, transfer, and disbursement of the public revenue, eight thousand dollars. Special agents. For compensation to special agents under act of sixth of August, eigh teen hundred and forty-six, eight thousand dollars. Inspectors of For salaries of nine supervising and fifty local inspectors, appointed °‘°“'{]b°“"‘ under act thirtieth August, eighteen hundred and fifty-two, for the better i?.$l?’§ilg,} 1>¤>f¤¢ti¤¤ of the lives of passengers by steamboats, with navniing and other expenses incurred by them, eighty thousand dollars. For contingent expenses under the act of sixth August, eighteen hundred and forty-six, for the collection, safe·keeping, transfer, and disbursement of the public revenue, in addition to premium which may be received on transfer drafts: Provided, That no part of said sum shall be expended for clerical services, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Exvenses of For necessary expenses in carrying into effect the several acts of con- “`°“’“'Y “°t°s‘ gress authorizing loans and the issue of treasury notes, two million dollars Accounts of Provided, That the proper accounting officers of the treasury be, and they ,§;l:{'PuggK“§c*° are hereby, authorized and directed to examine and adjust the accounts J ’of Stuart Gwynn for printing-presses, machinery, material, and labor furnished and supplied to the Treasury Department, and for expenditures under the authority of the secretary, and to report to him such sum as Contract price. may be equitably due to said Gwynn: Provided, further, That for items furnished or supplied under contract, no greater sum than the contract Gwynn tg price shall be allowed: And provided, jim/wr, That before any payment

 shall be made, the said Stuart Gwynn shall, in such form as may be prer1wU¤1mt_srms scribed by the Secretary of the Treasury, fully convey and secure to the
  • )*****6 *`**°€“’*¤§ United States the right to use the said presses, and any additional number

P°’ym°°t' thereof, with their machinery and future improvements in the treasury building, or any other buildings directed by the secretary for any and all Dies, stamps, printing the government may desire for its own use and purposes. fl‘;3i;*:g?§:ji;Q‘ For procuring dies, stamps, adhesive stamps, paper, printing forms and ,,,1,,,, ML regulations, advertising, and other expenses of carrying into efect the 1g64th_17g_ internal revenue act of June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, Ame, p. 223. one million one hundred thousand dollars,