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TRIPOLI, 1805. 76] Aurxonu XVII. 1f any of the Barbary States, or other Power at war with the United States of America, shall capture any Amerie2n vessel, and send her caE“£::;i•g.Amcll into any of the ports of the Regency of Tripoli, they shall not be permitted to sell her, but shall be obliged to depart the port, on procuring the requisite supplies of provisions ; and no duties shall be exacted on the sale of prizes, captured by the vessels sailing under the {lag of the United States of America, when brought into any port in the Regency of Tripoli. Aurronn XVIII. If any of the citizens of the United States, or any persons under their -, protection, shall have any disputes with each other, the Consul shall de- selgllegulim :1:: cgi? eide between the parties, and whenever the Consul shall require any sul of the United aid or assistance from the Government of Tripoli to enforce his decis- S*°*°°· ions, it shall immediately be granted to him, and if any disputes shall arise between any citizen of the United States and the citizens or subjects of any other nation having a Consul or Agent in Tripoli; such disputes shall be settled by the Consuls or Agents of the respective nations. Aurrcna XIX. If a citizen of the United States should kill or wound a Tripoline, or, _P]¤¤i¤l¤¤¤¤* M on the contrary, if a Tripoline shall kill or wound a citizen of the United k‘““’K· °‘°• States, the law of the country shall take place, and equal justice shall be rendered, the Consul assisting at the trial; and if any delinquent shall make his escape, the Consul shall not be answerable for him in any manner whatever. · Auzrtenn XX. Should any of the citizens of the United States of America die within Cmm¤¤ctU¤i•.eu the limits of the Regency of Tripoli, the Bashaw and his subjects shall Stem dyiuz i¤ the not interfere with the property of the deceased, but it shall be under R°¤”“°7· the immediate direction of the Consul, unless otherwise dispo ed of by will. Should there be no Consul, the effects shall be deposited in the hands of some person worthy of trust, until the party shall appear who has a right to demand them, when they shall render an account of the property. Neither shall the Bashaw or his subjects give hindrance in the execution of any will that may appear. Whereas the undersigned, Tobias Lear, Consul General of the United C e r t i scam or States of America, for the Regency of Algiers, being duly appointed T°l>¤¤• 1***- Commissioner, by letters-patent under the signature of the President and seal of the United States of America, bearing date at the city of Washington, the 18th day of November, one thousand eight hundred and three, for negociating and concluding a treaty of peace between the United States of America and the Bashaw, Boy, and subjects of the Regency of Tripoli in Barbary. Now know ye, that I, Tobias Lear, Commissioner as aforesaid, do con- Final ratldcation clude the foregoing treaty, and every article and clause therein con: NWVVWI tv Premtained, reserving the same, nevertheless, for the iinal ratitication of the g2:;' "“° U‘““”‘l President of the United States of America, by and with the advice and‘ consent of the Senate of the said United States. Done at Tripoli, in Barbary, the fourth day of June, in the year one D°°°· thousand eight hundred and five, corresponding with the sixth day of the first month of Rabbia, 1220. TOBIAS LEAR. Having appeared in our presence, Colonel Tobias Lear, Consul-General of the United States of America, in the Regency of Algiers, and