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762 PUBLIC TREATIES. Commissioner for negociating and concluding a treaty of peace and friendship between us and the United States of America, bringing with him the present treaty of peace, with the within articles, they were by us minutely examined, and we do hereby accept, confirm, and ratity them, ordering all our- subjects to fuliil entirely their contents without any violation, and under no pretext. Signzmires of the In witness whereof we, with the heads of our Regency, subscribe it. Regency. Given at Tripoli, in Barbary, the sixth day of the nrst month of Rab- °t°‘ bia, 1220, corresponding with the fourth day of June, 1805. JUSUF OARAMANLY,Bashaw. [L. s.] MAHAMET GARAMANLY, Bey. [L. s. MOHAMET, Kahia. [L. s. HAMET, Raw de Marine. L. s. MAHAMET DEGHEIS, First Minister. f L. s. SALAH, Aga of Divan. [L. s.. SELIM, Hamadar. [L. sf MURAT, Dulartile. [L. si MURAT RAIS. Admiral. L. s.! SOLIMAN, Kehia. L. s.' ABDALLA, Basu Aga. L. S. MAHAMET,Schc1@; at Bclad. [L. B. ALLI BEN DIALE, First Secretary. [L. s.