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160 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 264. 1878. South Pass. For ,ontinning surveys and examinations at the South Pass of the Mississippi River, fifteen thousand dollars. _ Use and mpend- It shall be the duty of the Secretary of War to apply the money herein

€“"° °f °12P'°P""'· appropriated for improvements, other than surveys and estimates, in

°°”°' carrying on the various works by contract or by hired labor, at his discretion, and as in his judgment may be most advantageous to the government; and, where said works are done by contract, such contracts shall be made after sufficient public advertisement for proposals in such manner and form as the Secretary of War shall prescribe; and such contracts shall be made with the lowest responsible bidders therefor, accompanied by such securities as the Secretary of War shall require. Surveys and ex- Sec. 2. That the Secretary of War is hereby directed at his discre- ¢"’•*¤¤“<>•¤¤· tion to cause examination or surveys, or both, and estimates of cost of improvements proper to be made at the following points, namely: Portsmouth. Portsmouth Harbor, New Hampshire; Red River Falls. For improving the navigation at the Falls on Red River near Alexandria Louisiana; Mispil1ionCreek. The Mispillion Creek, Delaware ; Cape Foulwea- Cape Foulweather, Oregon, to ascertain its adaptability as a harbor the'- of refuge; Coos Bay. The entrance of Coos Bay. R_Conecuh, sto., The Conecuh, Patsaligo, and Escambia Rivers, Alabama; lV€I'S. Yadkin River. The Yadkin, North Carolina, between the bridge on the North Carolina. Railroad and Wilkesborough; Flushing Bw- Flushing Bay, New York; Themes RWM'- The Thames River Connecticut; Bis Sunflower, The Big Sunflower, Chickasahoy, Tallabatchie, Cold Water, Pearl, °*°·#‘“'°’“· and Pascagoula, Mississippi; and the expenses of survey of the Pascagoula shall be defrayed out of the sum herein appropriated for the improvement thereof; Rigggth Lending North Landing River, Virginia; b Ansnoook Har- Anancock Harbor, Virginia ; Ol'. Salem Riven The Salem River, New Jersey, between Sharpstown and Delaware Canal. S¤W¤nn<~><>RiV¤1‘· The Suwannee River, Florida; mg 5 l <><>¤¤l1¤¤¤l¤i¤ The Caloosahatchie River, Florida; Rig; ¤ ¤i¤¤iPPi Mississippi River at and above the city of Alexandria, Missouri; Ri5I0;1l¤b°*°¤Sh The mouth of Hillsborough River and Tampa Bay, Florida; MS 2)E6¢;;g’§,l;glfl¢ Caney’s Fork and Obey’s Rivers, Tennessee; m£·=}¥°¤ 13****}*010- Bayou Bartholemew, Arkansas; UrP¤rR¤<lRiv¤r· Upper Red River, from the raft up to the Missouri, Kansas and Texas B¤‘M¢>¤ River- Railroad bridge ; and also the Brazos River in Texas from eight miles above its mouth, down through its mouth to the outer edge of the bar in the Gulf of Mexico. Aransas Pass. Aransas Pass and Bay, up to Rockport and Corpus Christi, Texas; and Corpus Christi Pass and Channel; Little River. Little River, Arkansas; _ Saline River. Saline River, Arkansas; Brazos River. The bar at the mouth of Brazos River, Texas, including a report upon the capacity of the harbor at the mouth of the Brazos, and its adaptability as a harbor of refuge and naval station; Miswnri River- The Missouri River at Cedar City, in Callaway County, Missouri; Missouri River at the city of St Charles, Missouri; mggllow Stone Yellow Stone River; N¤¤t><>W=w River- The Nottoway River, Virginia; Long Island The coast of Long Island, New York, between Coney I land Point °°°“· and Rockaway inlet, in New York Bay;_