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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 182. 1879. 387 care and preservation of the water powe1·; painting and care and preservation of permanent buildings and bridges and shores of the island; building fences and grading grounds; and repairs of and extension of railroad, twelve thousand dollars. That the Secretary of War is hereby authorized and empowered to Lease of waiar lease the water power, at Moline, or such portion as may be agreed upon, 1>¢>w¢#‘ at Molineto the Moline Water Power Company upon such terms and conditions, and for such term of years as may be agreed upon, if the same can be done consistently with the interests of the Government of the United States. Said lease to be made upon the condition that the said Moline Omvdifivlrv- Water Power Company shall go on and complete the development of the water power and maintain it at its own cost and expense Benicia arsenal, Benicia, California: To rebuild the present wharf, five Benicia arsenal. thousand dollars. Pikesville arsenal: That the Secretary of War is hereby authorized Pikeaville arsenal and directed to dispose of the grounds, buildings, and appurtenances tv bv wld. known as the Pikesville arsenal in the State of Maryland, by public sale to the highest bidder, turning into the Treasury the net proceeds after paying cost of advertisement sale, and so forth: Provided, That if the State of Maryland shall, prior to the first of March, eighteen hundred and eighty, accept the same, it is hereby granted and donated to May be givrm to said State, to be used for such militia or other purposes as the necessi- Natylalldties of the State may require; and the Secretary of War is hereby authorized and directed to transfer said property to the State of Maryland, to be held by it in trust for the use, benefit, and execution of the pauposes of this grant. For repairs of smaller arsenals, and to meet sucl1 unforeseen expendi- Repairs. tures at arsenals as accident or other contingencies during the year _may render necessary, thirty thousand dollars. The Secretary of War is hereby authorized to remove the remains of Removal of rethe late William E. English, first lieutenant Seventh (7 th) United States mM9S °f W- E- Infantry, who died at Deer Lodge, Montana, from wounds received at E"g]"’l" the battle of Big Hole Pass, Bitter Root Mountain, August seventh, eighteen hundred and seventy seven, to his former home in Jacksonville, Illinois, for iinal burial, three hundred dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. BUILDINGS AND GEOUNDS IN AND AROUND WASHINGTON AND THE EXECUTIVE MANSION. . Improvement and care of public grounds: For filling in and improv- _ Public grounds ing grounds south of Executive Mansion, five thousand dollars. m W=**h*¤¤*°¤· For ordinary care of greenhouses and the nursery, one thousand five hundred dollars. For ordinary care of Lafayette Square, one thousand dollars. For care and improvement of reservation number three (Monument grounds), one thousand dollars. For construction and repair of iron fences, five hundred dollars. For manure, and hauling the same, four thousand dollars. For painting iron fences, vases, lamps, and lamp posts, one thousand five hundred dollars. For purchase and repair of seats, five hundred dollars. For purchase and repair of tools, five hundred dollars. For trees, tree stakes, lime, whitewashing and stock for nursery, three thousand dollars. For removing snow and ice, one thousand dollars. For iiower pots, twine, baskets, and lycopodium, one thousand dollars. For care and construction and repair of fountains in the public grounds, one thousand five hundred dollars. For abating nuisances, five hundred dollars. For improving various reservations, ten thousand dollars.