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388 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sisss. III. Ch. 182. 1879. For filling, leveling, and improving the park in front of the Treasury and State Departments and the Executive Mansion, comprehended between Fifteenth and Seventeenth streets, ten thousand dollars. Executive Man- Executive Mansion: For care of and repairs, refurnishing, and fuel •i<>¤- for the Executive Mansion, and care of and necessary repair to the greenhouses, and fuel for the same, and re-covering the roof of the mansion with tin, twenty five thousand dollars; and so much as may be necessary to re—cover the roof, not exceeding two thousand dollars, is hereby made available immediately. Lighting the Executive Mansion and public grounds: For gas, pay of lamplighters, gas fifters, plumbers, plumbing, lamps, lamp posts, matches, and repairs of all kinds; lamps for Anacostia bridge; fuel for office, tor the watchmen’s lodges, and for the greenhouses in the nursery, fifteen Proriso. thousand dollars: Provided, That no more than twenty five dollars shall Price of gas. be paid per lamp for gas under any expenditure provided for in this bill; and in case a contract cannot be made at that rate, the engineer in charge is hereby authorized to substitute other illuminating material, and to use so much of the sum hereby appropriated as may be necessary for that purpose. Water-pipes,etc. Repair of water pipes and fire plugs: For repairing and extending water pipes, purchase of apparatus to clean them, and for cleaning the springs and repairing and renewing the pipes of the same that supply the Capitol, the Executive Mansion and the building for State, "War, and Navy Departments, two thousand five hundred dollars. Department tel- Telegraph to connect the Capitol with the departments and the Gov- ¢’sP¤rl¤· ernment Printing Office: For repair and care of the same, one thousand dollars; and the engineer in charge of public buildings and grounds is hereby authorized to sell any condemned material or lines not needed by the departments, and cover the proceeds in the Treasury. State, Wm, and Building for State, YVar, and Navy Departments: To complete the N"}? D°P”*m°¤* east wing and its approaches, and for continuation of construction of l""m'"g‘ the north wing of the building five hundred and fifteen thousand dollars, which shall be immediately available. MISCELLANEOUS 0BJ£C1‘s UNDER NVAR DEPARTMENT. Survey ofN<u·th— For the completion of the survey of the Northern and Northwestern "f“ =¤¤·‘kN¤**h*"·‘>¤*· Lakes, and to tinish the field work and publication of maps, and all work em Le °S' pertaining to said survey except the preparation of the nnal report, eighty five thousand dollars. Furniture. For furniture for the portion of the new building about to be occupied by the War Department, fifty thousand dollars ; to be available immediately .Military con- Expenses of military convicts: For payment of costs and charges of

    • 0***- State penitentiaries for the care, clothing, maintenance, and medical

attendance of United States military convicts coniined in them, sixteen thousand dollars. Rebellion rec- For continuing the preparation of the publication of the Official Rec- <>fd¤- ords of the \Var of the Rebellion, both of the Union and Confederate Armies, and for the compensation of temporary clerks and other employees engaged thereon, the collection of such Confederate records as may be placed at the disposal of the government by gift or loan, the rent of building, and the preservation of the Brady War Views, torty Limzmemployeea. thousand four hundred and ninety dollars: Provided, That not more than two clerks of class four, one clerk of class three, one clerk of class two, one clerk of class one, two clerks at one thousand dollars each, twelve eopyists at nine hundred dollars each, one foreman of printing, one pressman, six compositors, two assistant messengers, one watchman, and one agent for the collection of Confederate records, shall be employed; Headstones for and the unexpended balance of the sum of one million dollars approprisoldiers graves- ated by act of March third, eighteen hundred and seventy three, to erect headstones over the graves of soldiers who served in the regular o1·