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390 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. CII. 182. 1679. in the city of \Vashington, under a contract to be made with such institution as the Surgeon General of the Army may select, iittcen thousand dollars. Catalogue of li- For printing and binding the tirst and second volumes of catalogue brury of Suljgcen- of the library Of the Surgeon General’s Office, twenty lll1C11S3i1d <l0ll5tl°S; G““°"1 “Om°°‘ to be immediately available. Natiewrl Hvmv Support of National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers : Current f°’ V°““‘*°°"· expenses, including repairs: For the Central Branch, for the Eastern Branch, for the Northwestern Branch, for the Southern Branch, and for barracks and other necessary construction purposes, for clothing of extra sizes and undcrclotliin g, for outdoor relief and incidental exrmreliase of sup- penses, eight hundred and eighty thousand dollars: Provided, That all plies. purchases of supplies exceeding the sum of one thousand dollars at any one time shall be made upon public tender after due advertisement, and New buildings. that the expenditure for new buildings shall be expressly authorized in writing: Provided, That the estimates hereafter submitted for the sup- Delailuieslimutea. port of the National Home shall be made in detail, specityin g the several items of expenditure, and separating the cost of tood and other supplies in the form usually adopted for the Army, and that this specification be made for each soldiers' home separately. Road at Fortress For the purpose of keeping in repair and protection of the road be- M°“'°°· tween Fortress Monroe and Mill Creek, Virginia, six thousand five hundred dollars. Military roads. For completion of the military road from Alamosa, Colorado, to Pagosa Springs, ten thousand dollars. For repairing the military road from Qio Caliente, New Mexico, to Pagosa Springs, five thousand dollars. That the sum of ten thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the improvement and repair of the military wa gon road running from Scottsburgh to Camp Stewart in the State of Oregon; said money to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of \Var. _ B¤*]dl¤SS¤l¤F<>Y* For the purpose of constructing the necessary buildings, under direcb“°“"‘g‘ tion of the Secretary of War, for headquarters of the Department of Dakota, at the military post of Fort Snelling, in the State of Minnesota, in accordance with the estimates of General Charles H. Tompkins, deputy quartermaster general of the United States Army, chief quartermaster of the Department of Dakota, one hundred thousand dollars. Army U`¤¤¤P0I`t· For the payment of arrears of Army transportation due such land grant “°‘°“· railroads as have not received aid in government bonds as compensation 1874, ch. 285, was withheld from, under the acts of June sixteenth and twenty sec- }g,,§°‘t$> in ond, eighteen hundred and seventy tour, and March third, eighteen hun- 18 Stun; 200: dred and seventy tive, to be adjusted by the proper accounting otiieers 1875, eh. 133, in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Court in cases decided 18 Stat., 4.5;:. under the said acts, to be paid as other Army transportation, but in no event shall more than fifty per cent of the tull amount allowed by the Quartermastertleneral be paid until the decision of the Court of Claims be had E1 each case, three hundred thousand dollars or so much thereof as may e necessary. UNDER THE NAVY DEPARTMENT. NAVY YARDS AND STATIONS. Iliarc Island <h‘y— Navy yard, Mare Island, California: For continuation of work on ‘l°°k· stone dry-dock, seventy-five thousand dollars. Repairs at navy- Repairs and preservation at navy yards: For repairs at the diflerent Yards- n]avy-yaiglg apd stations, and preservation of the same, three hundred thousand dollars. MISCELLANEOUS. V°l°°i*¥ °m‘éh*· To enable the Secretary of the Navy to make certain expenditures in experimenting with aview to obtain a correct knowledge of the velocity of light, five thousand dollars.