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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. CII. 182. 1879. 39] For the United States Naval Observatory, the following items, to wit: Naval Observa— For solar a11d stellar photography, one thousand dollars; for illustra- WW- tions for report on the eclipse of July, eighteen hundred and seventy- eight, one thousand five hundred dollars; for observing the California eclipse, January, eighteen hundred and eighty, six hundred dollars; and for thirty-five woodcuts of nebula in Orion, three hundred and fifty dollars; in all, three thousand four hundred and fifty dollars, which shall be immediately available. To pay certain claims for bounty for the destruction of enemy’s ves— Destruction of sels, allowed under the act of June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty- €¤°¤1>"¤ *’°¤S¢lS· tour, and duly certified by the proper accounting officers, one thousand two hundred and ten dollars and sixteen cents. _ For furniture and fitting up shelving, tile cases, tire apparatus, and _ l"¤¤¤m¤`°» °i0~» similar necessaries for the Secretary’s office and the bureaus of the Navy t°;nI;g;tN"vy D8` Department in the east wing of the new building for the State, Wai·, P ` and Navy Departments, to be available as required, under direction of the Secretary of the Navy, fifty thousand dollars. For repairs to the rope—walk building at the Boston navy—yard, Boston, Boston navy- Massachusetts, new roof and new floors, and other necessary repairs, to Y*"d~ make the building in good condition, twenty thousand dollars. To enable the Secretary of the Navy to pay J. F. H. Claiborne amount J. F. H. Claidue him on adjusted account, seven hundred and forty-eight dollars and b0F¤<·>· ten cents. To enable the Secretary of the Navy to alter and repair the United Ship Antietam. States ship Antietam, so as to provide for the marines at League Island station, seven thousand five hundred and twentydive dollars. UNDER THE DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. PUBLIC BUILDINGS. Capitol extension: For work on the Capitol, and for general repairs _C==ipite1 extenthereot, fifty thousand dollars: Provided, That one thousand five hun- *“°“· dred dollars of this amount may be used for the purchase of tile—cases, or boxes for the file-room of the Clerk’s office of the House of Representatives. And hereafter the disbursing clerk of the Department of Dizebummwmjar the Interior is hereby required to act as disbursing clerk of the architect C°'P“°’ °·'*°”*i°”» of the Capitol, and to disburse all moneys appropriated for the United °t°' States Capitol extension and improvement of the grounds, and to receive an annual compensation of one thousand dollars, to be paid out of said appropriation. No work of art or manufacture other than the property of the United Works of art, States shall be exhibited in the National Statuary Hall, the Rotunda, 6*% in C=*Pi*<>l· or the corridors of the Capitol. I For renewing and repairing portions of the heating apparatus in the Heating appara- Senate wing of the Capitol, four thousand dollars. ms- To pay C. Brumidi for retouching and blending the picture in fresco Fresco picture of on the canopy of the dome of the Capitol, and for constructing a scaf- d<>m<>- tolding under said picture, seven hundred dollars. Improving Capitol grounds: For improving Capitol grounds, sixty Capitol grounds. thousand dollars. For payment of retained percentages on contracts made during the Roadways. fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-six, tor paving roadways in Capitol grounds two thousand two hundred and seventeen dollars and ninety-tour cents. Lighting the Capitol and grounds: For lighting Capitol and grounds Lighting. about the same, including Botanic Garden and Senate stable; for gas, pay of superintendent of meters, lamp lighters, and gasfifters ; for material for electrical battery; and for general repairs to lamps, pipes, and meters, thirty thousand dollars. For the purchase of dynamo-electric machines to take the place of the Dyn¤¤n<>—eleei¤‘i¤ batteries now used to ignite the gas in the rotunda, dome, tholus, and “"’·°h‘“"“· Ilouse of Ilepresentatives, twenty-tour hundred dollars.