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436 FORTYFIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 184. 1879. Illinois, con- From Friendsville, via Cornersville, to Allendale. Wm6d- From Sterling to Prairieville. From Tamaroa, via Baysiield and Fitzgerell, to Spring Garden. From Bluffs to Oxville. From O’Fallon Depot, via Shiloh, to Belleville From Linn to Allendale From Henry to Wyroming. From Ellisville to Cuba. From Circleville to Pekin. From Enneld to Fraiser’s Ferry. From Fielding, via Pittsburg, to Hardin. From Warsaw, via Eldersville, Hickory Ridge, Tioga and Sutler, to Warsaw. From Blue Island, via Hickory Grove, Lane’s Island, South Mount Forest, Palos, and East Orland to Orland. From Shawneetown, via Spark’s Hill, and Karber’s Ridge to Elizabethtown From Shawneetown, to New Haven. From Galatia, via Hamburg, to Walpole. From Mount Vernon, via Divide and Exchange, to Ioka. From Arcadia to Liter. From Berlin to New Berlin. From Bremen to Bremen Station. From Breese to Drake. From Chili to Stillwell. From Clark Centre to Marshall From Darwin to Melrose From Cleveland to Oolona Station. From Damiansville to Germantown. From Edgington to Taylor Ridge. From Enterprise to Cisna. From Germantown to Shoal Creek Station. From Gower to Hinsdale From Grandview to Dudley From Happy Hollow to Watertown From Hollowayville to Shelby Station. From Lester to Vernon From Limerick to Ohio From Lindenwood to Holcombe. ‘ From Livingston to Marshall. From Logan to Scott Land. From Logansport to Thackery From Mechanicsburg to Buffalo. From Melrose to Orange From Milburn to Wadsworth Station. From Modena to Castleton. From Morristown to Osco. From Mound City to Junction. From New Hanover to Attica From Niles to Norwood Park. From Niles Centre to J efferson. From Ontario to Oneida. From Pavilion to Yorkville. From Phillipstown to Crossville. From Rural Retreat to Hinesburg. From Saint Rose to Shoal Creek. From Shabbona Grove to Cornton. From Upper Alton to Alton. From Warrensville to \Vinfield. From Wine Hill to Bremen Station From Woodlaum to Bunker Hill. From Fairview to Ellisville.