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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 184. 1879. 437 From Andalusia to Milan. Illinois, con- From Reynolds to Buffalo Prairie *i¤¤•>d· From Galva to Atkinson From Equality, via Spark’s Hill, to Elizabethtown. From Columbia, via New Hanover, to Merrimac Point. From Mill Stadt, via Kleinschmidt’s, to Columbia. From Sidney to Tuscola. From Pawnee to White Oak. From Taylorville to Bryn Mawr. From Springfield, via Cotton Hill and Pawnee, to White Oak. From Dahlgren to Ewing. IND IANA. Indiana. From Shoals, via Harrisonville and Williams, to Silverville. From Rochester, via Centre School House, Salina and Leiter’s Ford, to Rochester. From Rushville, via Moscow, to Saint Paul. From Rushville to Knightstown From Saint Magdalen to Marble Corners. From Columbia City, via Land and Saturn, to Roanoke From Elizabeth to Buena Vista From Morocco, via Beaver Timber and Pilot Grove, to Rensselaer. From Lynnville to Oakland City. From Scotland to Mineral City. From Washington, via Cornettsville, to Epsom. From Marco to Pleasantville. From Morton to Fincastle From Camelton, via Lilly Dale, to Leopold. From Freetown to Seymour. From Portersville, via Haysville and Kellersville, to Knoxville. From Portersville to Knoxville. From Lafayette, via Newton’s Retreat and Octagon, to Round Grove. From Spencer, via Lancaster, to Clay City. From Bellmore to Hollandsburg. From Cloverdale to Cataract. From Kendallville to Fairfield Centro. From Flint to Angola. From Fredonia to Cape Sandy. From Millport to Delany’s Creek. From Morristown to Greenfield. From Bedford, via Fayetteville, Williams, Trinity Springs and Dover Hill, to Shoals. From Huntingburgh to Ferdinand. From Huntingbiug to Saint Henry From Loami to Bates From Naperville to Wheaton From Nevada Mills to Angola. INDIAN TERRITORY. Indian Territory. From Vinita, via Claremore, Greyson, Ponca Agency, Chisholms, Darlington, Deer Creek, Washita, Sweetwater, Fort Elliott, Texas, Canadian, Windom, Lathrop, Fort Bascom, La Cinta, Gallinas Spring, Tiptonville, Anton Chico, and San Jose to Santa Fe, New Mexico. From Fort Sill, via Camp Augur, Buffalo Creek, Red River, Fort Griffin, Texas, to Fort Concho. From Fort Sill, via Wichita Mountains, Elk Creek, North Fork to Fort Elliott, Texas _ From Claremore, via John Chambers’, Steadman’s Ferry, Fairview, Okmulkee, Canard’s Ferry, Seminole Agency, John T. Brown’s, and Stonewall to Tishomingo