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636 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Ch. 287. 1879. b Claims talllowgid To M. W. Greene, two hundred and eighteen dollars and twenty- tive y 210601111 g_0 - cents_ °°"F° p°r?°”°m"` To Sylvester Hillbriant, two hundred and thirty dollars tmL,?fd°f’“”* °°"` To Lucy S. Hall, three hundred dollars. To Beverly Hockaday, one hundred and fifty dollars. To John M. Hiller sixty-eight ollars. To Edward W. Hammer, one hundred and twenty dollars. To William W. Jedries, one hundred and ninety-seven dollars and seventy five cents. To Thomas F. Jessup, five hundred and twenty dollars. To J. M. King, forty-five dollars. To Zadock S. Kennedy, five hundred and forty-five dollars. To Sanders Love, in his own right, and as administrator of the estate of William M. Love, deceased, eight hundred and seventeen dollars and fifty cents. To Joseph Laplant one hundred and twenty-five dollars. 7 To Robert F. Lakenan, five hundred and fifteen dollars and fifty cents. To William Leach, three hundred dollars. To Benjamin S. Long, five hundred and eighty dollars. To Allen Mitchell, two hundred and sixty-tive dollars. To David) McCoy, one hundred and eighty dollars. o E iza eth Matkin three hundred and fifty dollars. To Eli McMenus, thiity dollars. To Huston Marbut, forty-five dollars. To John Pogue, one hundred dollars. To James H. Parham, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. To.Mary1Routh, administratrix of John Routh, deceased, twenty-six dollars an twenty-five cents. To Jesse Ray, one hundred and ninety-five dollars. To L. R. Rupard, one hundred and twenty dollars and ninety-two cents. To Z. M. Rountree, five hundred and sixty dollars. To Thomas B. Rodgers, one hundred and forty-five dollars. To Wgham Bd Ryan, administrator of Alfred McCallister, one hundred an sixty ollars. To John A. Rainey, two hundred and nfty-three dollars. To William Riley thirty-eight dollars. To Daniel Sherer; forty dollars. ' To Lawrence Steglner, one hundred and seventy-two dollars. o Margaret an ers one hundred dollars. To Adam Smith, six hundred dollars. To D. M. Smith, one hundred dollars. To Jphn Scism, seventy-seven dollars and fifty cents. o ary Stephens fifty dollars. . To LeonardSSuttori, one hundred and thirty dollars. o Joseph humate one hundred dollars. To David Sitzes, one hundred and ninety dollars. To Jxamles)H,1T{I?1glgle, ninety-six dollars and fifty cents. o rc i al a er sixty dollars. To Hugh L. Wilson,, one hundred and twenty-two dollars and fifty cents. Tie William H. Wymore, three hundred and twelve dollars and fifty cen s. To George Williamson, thirty-seven dollars and fifty cents. To Henry Woodcock, eighty-one dollars and sixty-seven cents. Nebraska. OF THE STATE OF NEBRASKA. To Edward B. Mur·pl1y, one hundred and twenty dollars. New Mexico. OF THE TERRITORY OF NEW MEXICO. - To Jesus Maria Trujillo, fifty dollars.