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This page needs to be proofread.

CON VENTION—CANADA. JUNE 8 nm 23, 1875. 677 A. Omuuvn, 0nt.,_j.; The within account exhibits a. total lvalnnce of $—— gold, which nfter deduction of the payments on account, as therein stated, leaves a balance remaining of $-T; due the Postal Department of t--—--—----—-. The above statement of account in accepted with a balance of pl-; gold, due the Postal Department of —·—· Auditor of the Treasury for the Post Ojlce Department. Wssmrzcrou, D. C,. ——-- -·, --. The payment on account of -——--·-——- having been accepted by special vouchers, the receipt of the balance cf S--——— gold remaining, in hereby acknowledged.