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384 FOBTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. IH. OH. 129. 1881, EXAMINATION OF WOOLS AND ANIMAL FIBEES. Testing w<><>1¤. To complete the testing, by scientific examination, of the textile &°‘ strength, felting capacity, and other peculiarities of the diiferent wools · S i28g 2;;- *5% and animal fibers collected at the Philadelphia International Exhibition °° ‘ ’of Sheep and Wool Products, in pursuance of the acts approved June sixteenth eighteen hundred and eighty, and to pubhsh the report, thereon, dve thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary; and out of this sum the Commissioner of Agriculture is hereby author- Report. ized to pay to John L. Hayes, for his Report on Sheep Husbandry in J°h¤ L- H°·Y°¤» the South, published by resolution of Congress, at the rate per printed P”m°'" "°‘ page paid for contributions to the agricultural reports, not exceeding the sum of five hundred dollars. INVESTIGATING THE DISEASES or SWINE AND 0T11E1a DOMZESTICATED ANIMALS. P*¤°¤¤°¤ °f fm For continuing the investigation of the diseases of swine, and infec- °'"m“1“‘ tious and contagious diseases to which all other classes of domesticated animals are subject, twenty nve thousand dollars, to be available immediately ; and of this sum fifteen thousand dollars shall be devoted to the investigation of the disease of pleuro-pneumonia among cattle. MAGHINEEY, APPARATUS AND EXPEBIMENTS IN THE MANU1rAcTUn.E OF SUGAR. ,1%*** f:;””f¤°‘· For expenses of machinery and apparatus, labor, and so forth, to con- §,,m_’ °’° Y""' tinue experiments in the manufacture of sugar from sorghum and other sugar-producing (plants, twentynve thousand dollars, to be available immediately; an out of the above sum the Commissioner of Agriculture is hereby aunhorized to pay the chief chemist one thousand dollars as additional compensation ior the next fiscal year. For the continuation of experiments in connection with the manufacture of sugar from beets, and for the cultivation of beets for that purpose, ten thousand dollars. DATA HESPECTING THE AGRICULTURAL NEEDS or COUNTRY WEST OF _ Eoonv MOUNTAINS. Dum °°¤<>°¤¤i¤G For the purpose of enabling the Commissioner of Agriculture to pro- Q}¥",‘j‘m‘;f,“] @$2; cure and publish data touching the agricultural needs of that portion of wm of Rgcky the United States lying west of the Rocky Mountains, five thousand Mountains. dollars. BECLAMATION OF AMD AND WASTE LANDS. A"i‘l_1**“d¤· For the reclamation of the arid and waste lands lying in certain West- P'°'”“· 6111 States and Temtomes, ten thousand dollars: Provided, That no DBI`? of this sum shall be expended in experiments upon the lands of individgglsmor corporations, but only upon the lands belonging to the United a s. F°*°¤*1'¥· FORESTRY. For the purpose of enabling the Commissioner of Agriculture to continue an investigation and report upon the subject of forestry, ive thousand dollars. P°¤*¤S°- POSTAGE. For postage on return letters, circulars, and miscellaneous articles for correspondents and foreign mail, four thousand dollars. ,,,,mi“$°““ °x‘ CONTINGENT EXPENSES. For stationery, freight, express charges, fuel, lights, subsistence, and care of horses, repairs of harness, paper, twine, and gum for foldingroom; and for miscellaneous items, namely, for advertising, telegraph