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FORTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. IIL 011. 106. 1881. 527 B. M. Chandler, Sevier County, one thousand two hundred and sixty- Claimant;. five dollars. . John Cook, Robertson County, one hundred and twventy-five dollars. John W. Cowan, administrator of Robert W. Cowan, deceased Bedford Co1mty, four hundred and eighty-one dollars and eighty-six bents. J. A. Blankenship, administrator of John Cunningham deceased Wilson County, one hundred and twenty dollars. ,’ Timothy Chandler, Sevier County, ninety dollars. · John T. Carter, McN airy Coimty, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. G. W. Choate, Dickson County, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. d Penelope Casey, Hardeman County, one hundred and twenty-nve 0 .ars. E. A. Call Coffee County, two hundred and seventy-five dollars. John W. Corpier, Lincoln County, four hundred dollars. Joshua C. Coleman, Bedford County, two hundred and ninety dollars. Richard W. Crowson, Sevier County, three hundred and twenty-six dollars and fifty cents. Samuel Croft, Knox County, five hundred and nineteen dollars and thirty-seven cents. G. W. Cason, Wilson County, two hundred and forty-five dollars. John M. Carter, Greene County, two hundred and eighty dollars. Laura E., Elizabeth E., Cornelia R., Addie N., William S., and John L., children and heirs-at-law of Sarah Calloway, deceased, McMinn County, fifty-seven dollars. A. O Cole, Wayne County, two hundred and ten dollars. Green Cardwell, Claiborne County, seventy-Eve dollars. d liemuel Carmichael, Sevier County, one hundred and twenty-five o ars. Patrick H. Clardy, Davidson County, two hundred and thirty-two dollars and fifty cents. H. Coiiman, administrator of P. Henry, deceased, Grainger County, two hundred and fifty-three dollars and thirteen cents. . H. Colfman (in his own right), Grainger County, two hundred and ’fifty-three dollars and twelve cents. James B. Cochran Blount County, one hundred and fifty dollars. Elisha C. Collins, Davidson County, three hundred dollars. H. P. Hobson, administrator of Richard Cox, deceased, Fayette County, four thousand and fifty-five dollars and forty cents. John Chadwick, Stewart County, one hundred dollars. William W. Crawford, Henry County, one thousand one hundred and seven dollars and nfty cents. L. L. Clark and W. L. Thomas, administrators of William Clark, deceased, Lincoln County, nve hundred and seventy dollars. H. T. Chapman. Giles County, six hundred and fifty-four dollars. E. A. Collins, Gibson County, two hundred and eighty dollars. E. and L. Charlton, administrators of G. W. Charlton, deceased, Davidson County one thousand and nfty-three dollars and eighty cents. T. A. Creswell, Wilson County, one hundred and thirty dollars. John T. Curtis, Lincoln County, five hundred and twenty-Eve dollars. Joseph B. Childers, Giles County, seventy-six dollars and thirty cents. Andrew J. Coltharp, Monroe County, three hundred and one dollars and eighty cents. _ I Joseph A. Conley, Washington County, one hundred and thirty dollars. Thomas P. Holt, administrator of W. H. Coleman, deceased, Williamson County, three hundred dollars. Thomas Davis, Greene County, two hundred and twenty-five dollars. Joseph D. Davis Lake County, one thousand eight hundred dollars. Aquilla Davis, Rutherford County, eight hundred dollars and seventy - cents. _Arreny Dishough. administrator of Augustine Dishough, deceased, Giles County, two hundred and ilfty dollars.