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434 FIFTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 420. 1896. S*"•Y**¤· simvnruvo run runnrc LANDS. S¤¤V¤¥¤· ¤¤*¤¤· For surveys and resurveys of public lands, three hundred and twenty- five thousand dollars, at rates not exceeding nine dollars per linear mile for standard and meander lines, seven dollars for township, and ,£;ggj_•j;·m_ five dollars for section lines: Provided, That in expending this appropriation preference shall be given in favor of surveying townships occupied, in whole or in part, by actual settlers and of lands granted Y,:tg·'P-°7:i5,m· to the States by the Act approved February twenty· second, eighteen W hundred and eighty-nine, and the Acts approved July third and July tenth, eighteen hundred and ninety, and other surveys shall be confined to lands adapted to agriculture, and lines of reservations except that ,,§,3§,;',§m§f°‘j,f,f§: the Commissioner of the General Land Office may allow, for the survey 1¤¤<\¤· and resurvey of lands heavily tiinbered, mountainous, or covered with dense undergrowth, rates not exceeding thirteen dollars per linear mile _ for standard and meander lines, eleven dollars for township, and seven ,,,,Ef°°’°°““1 °‘m°“1‘ dollars for section lines, and in cases of exceptional diiiiculties in the surveys, when the work can not be contracted for at these rates, compensation for surveys and resurveys may be made by the said Commissioner, with the approval of the Secretary of the Interior, at rates not exceeding eighteen dollars per linear mile for standard and meander _ lines, fifteen dollars for township, and twelve dollars for section lines: ,,,,_I‘““°'*'“ °"m°""i* Provided, that in the States of California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Arizona, Wyomiiig, Washiingtou, Colorado, and Utah there may be allowed, in the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior, for the survey and resurvey of lands heavily timbered, mountainous, or covered · with dense undergrowth, rates not exceeding twenty-five dollars per linear mile for standard and meander lines, twenty-three dollars for n.¤"y.,.n,, township and twenty dollars for section lines. And of the sum hereby appropriawd not exceeding fifteen thousand dollars may be expended for resurveys, and not exceeding forty thousand dollars may be expended for examination of public surveys in the several surveying districts in order to test the accuracy of the work in the field, and to prevent payment for fraudulent and imperfect surveys returned by deputy surveyors, and for examinations of surveys heretofore made k£{;P;3**S ******31 and reported to be defective or fraudulent, and inspecting mineral ’deposits, coal fields, and timber districts, and for making such other surveys or examinations as may be required for identification of lands for purposes of evidence in any suit or proceeding in behalf of the United States. lalfgjjgusi P'*'°*° For survey of private land claims in the States of Colorado, Nevada, v0x,zs,p.es4. Wyoming, and Utah, and in the Territories of Arizona and New Mexico, continued under the provisions of the Act of Congress entitled “An Act to establish a court of private land claims, and to provide for the settlement of private land claims, in certain States and Territories,” approved March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, and lor the resurvey of such private land claims heretofore contlrmed as may be deemed necessary, twenty thousand dollars. Al>¤¤g·>¤•¤<l ¤·i1i¤·ry For necessary expenses of survey, appraisal, and sale of abandoned ·”°¥’H’{»§°§Tm, military reservations transferred to the control of the Secretary of the Interior under the provisions of an Act of Congress approved July fifth, eighteen hundred and eighty-four, and any law prior thereto, 0**** ‘**¤*·***· including a custodian of the ruin of Casa Grande, five thousand dollars. A**·l*·*·l•- That under any law heretofore or hereafter enacted by any State, providing for the reclamation: of arid lands, in pursuance and accept- ""‘·2*’·¥'·‘“”· ance of the terms of the grant made in section four of an Act entitled “An Act making appropriations for the sundry civil expenses of the Government for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-five," approved August eighteenth, eighteen hundred and Lien for expenses of ninety-four, a lien or liens is hereby authorized to be created by the '°°I'““`"”g‘ State to which such lands are granted and by no other authority whatever, and when created shall be valid on and against the separate legal