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ranArY—BnAzn.. tent to commit afelony; robbery, tacao de outrem com intencao defined to be the act of feloniously criminosa; o crime de robbery, and forcibly taking from another consistindo em subtrahir, ou tirar money or goods of any value, by forcada e criminosamente de alviolence, or utting in fear, and guma pessoa dinheiro ou eifeitosde known in thelhrazilian Penal Code' qualquer valor, r meio de vioas roubo. lencia ou intimidggao, ou o crime previsto pelo Codigo Penal Brasi- — eiro sob a qualificacao de raubo. M ·**· 17- Ccmplicity in or attempts at 17. A cumplicidade ou a wasthecommission ofany of thecrimes tiva dos crimes comprehendidos specified in the preceding sections, na precedente classificacao, uma vez provided that such complicltly O1' que ellas sejam puniveis pela legisattempt be punishable by the SWS lacao do paiz ao qual a extradicao of the country from whence the {6;- Soliclmdgh extradition is demanded. _ ABTICI.E IH. Amico III. gg for Extradition shall not be granted Nao tera Iogar a extradicao si o if the 0HODOG OD which the SHITOD- crime f6r de caracter politicg ou der is demanded be of a political si 0 fugitivo rovar que ha inten- Cl]8.I'B.0t0I', 0I' if the fugitive pI‘0Ve cio de julgag-0 ou puuil·9 por that there is an intention to try or crime politico; nem tambem sera punish him for a political crime; concedida lpor factos connexos a nor if the circumstances on which delictos po_ ticos. extradition is demanded are connected with political crimes. . _ ‘ _ The Government from which ex- O Governo requerido apreciara, tradition is demanded will examine segundo as circumstancias, si o the circumstances, to ascertain facto pelo qual a extradicao foi whether the crime be of a political reclamada tem ou nao caracter character, and its decision shall be politico, e a sua resolucao sera definite. detinitiva. $$3:} The following shall not be con- Os seguintes crimes nao serao sidered political crimes when they cousiderados de caracter politico are unconnected with political quando nao —forem connexos a movements, and are such as con- movimentos politicos e constitui stitute murder, or willful and ille- rem os crimes de m·ur·rZez·ou homigal homicide, as provided for in vidio voluntario e illegal, classifisection 1 of the preceding article: cados no r"1 do artigo precedente: ·dx·»v- 1. An attempt against the life 1. O attentado contra a vida do of the President of the United Presidente dos Estados—Unid0s da States of America, or against the America ou do Governador de allife of the Governor of any of the gum dos Estados; 0 attentado States; an attempt against the life contra a vida do Presidente dos of the President of the United Estados-Unidos do Brasil ou do States of Brazil, or against the life Presidente ou Governador de alof ·the President or Governor of gum dos Estados; any of the States thereof; ` ·¢¤»¤*¤· 2. An attempt against the life 2°. O attentado contraavida do of the Vice—President of the United Vice-Presidente dos Estados-Uni- States of America, or against the dos da America ou do Vice-Golife of the Lieutenant—Governor of vernador de algum dos Estados; 0 any of the States; an attempt attentado contra a vida do Viceagainst the life of the Vice·Presi— Presidente dos Estados-Unidos do dent of the United States of Brazil, Brasil ou do Vice-Presidente ou or against the life of the Vice Vice-Governador de algum dos President or Vice Governor of any Estados. of the States thereof.