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SIXTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 200. 1908. 355 For ordinary care of Franklin Park, one thousand five hundred dollars. ` d Plzr improvement and ordinary care of Lincoln Park, two thousand 0 rs. For care and ipkprovement of Monument ground and annex M°"“'°°”°¤'°““"¤- (Potomac Park) to onument grounds, seven thousand dollars. Licenses may be granted for the erection of boat-houses along the h,,I{}§§,'j'§§’§,{°,Q,l,?,‘§$,{g banks of the tidal reservoir on the Potomac River frontin Potomac b¤¤k¤· Park, under reggnlations to be prescribedhy the Chief of Engineers, and that all suc licenses granted under this authority shall be revocable, without compensation, bly the Secretary of War. For improvement, care, an maintenance of Garfield Park, two thousand ve hundred dollars. For construction and repair of post—and-chain fences, repair of high iron fences, constructing stone copin about reservations, painting watchmen’s lodges, iron fences. vases, {lamps, and lamp-posts; repairing and extending water pipes, and apparatus for cleaning them; ose; manure, and hau 1Dg the same; removing snow and ice; purchase and relpair of seats an tools; trees, tree and plant stakes, abels, lime, w itewashing, and stock for nursery, iiower pots, twine, baskets, wire, splints, moss, and lycopodium, to be purchased by contract or otherwise, as the Secretary of War may determine; care, construction, and repair of fountains; abating nuisances, cleaning statues, and repairing_pedestals, eighteen thousand five hundred and fifty dollars. or improvement, care, and maintenance of various reservations, including purchase, maintenance, and driving of horseand vehicle for official use of the officer in charge of blic buildings and ounds plngdhpf other necessary vehicles, or oiiidial use, twenty-five giousand rs. . The officer in charge of public buildings and ounds is authorized 'f¤¤{g¤¤¤Y ¤¤¤¤°· to grant licenses, revocable by him, without cginpensation, to erect mm phymu dl temporary structures u on reservations used as children’s play- grounds, under such regisations as he may imfpose. For improvement, care, and maintenance 0 Smithsonian grounds, three thousand dollars. For improvement and maintenance of J udiciary Park, two thousand five hundred dollars. For laying cement and other walks in various reservations, two thousand dollars. For broken-stone road covering for parks, three thousand five hundred dollars. For curbing, coping, and ilagging for park roads and walks, two thousand dollars. For care and maintenance of that part of Potomac Park between the P°*°“° "*"*- causeway of the Pennsylvania Railroad bridge, the Potomac River, and the tidal reservoir, four thousand dollars. For care and maintenance of that part of Potomac Park along the north and west sfgpsbtg the tidal Eeservoir, four thopsandhdollplrs. d M mu An unex n ance of the a pro riation o eig ty thousand _ _ _ ““"· dollarls madepby sundry civil act approged §larch fourth, nineteen hun- vol M P lm dred and seven, for constructing a macadam roadway along the west side of section two of Potomac Park and for improving the grounds on either side of same, is hereby reappropriated and made available for the same pu ses and for genera im rovement for the fiscal year ending Junelt.Ertieth, nineteen hundredpand nine. For care and maintenance of that part of Potomac Park extending along the river side between the inlet to the tidal reservoir and the foot of Twenty-sixth street west, three thousand dollars. For continuing the improvement of Potomac Park: To continue north B street from Virginia avenue westward to the Potomac River as a park roadway along the northern boundary of Potomac Park,