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[006 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Crr. 150. 1913. ,gg,g*¤*=*•**°¤ °' Pau. 24. That in the of this section words of singular number shall be deem to mclude their plurals, and words of masculiin: gender shall be deemed to include the feminine, as the case ma . _{g¤¤•¤= =M”¤'¥*· Pm. g5. That this section shall bein full force and effect from ·réu¤¤¤¤¤u¤· and after Jul first, nineteen hundred and thirteen, and shall ·be ““‘ ""‘·°'“ in lieu of andy as a substitute for all laws and regulations in the District of Columbia in relation to e sale of intoxicating liquors in said District, except such laws as prohibit the sale o

 lgguors in certain eiined sections or parts ogtihe District

an wso pertammg" to rsons remises, territo xueessstsntnwsrs over which the glederal Qovernmenlloexerciags jurisdiction; and am °"°"· laws and parts of laws inconsistent with this section, except such laws above referred to, be, and they are hereby. repealed. i;_~;¤¤¤¤*¤¤¤¤r> Sec. 10. That paragraph ten of section six of the Act approved ve¤.n,p,¤a¤,¤¤¤¤- Ju1y_ first, nineteen hundred and two, propriations to "· provide for the expenses of the govermpent of the trict of Columbia or the fiscal year ending June tlnrtieth, nineteen hundred and three, and for other ishereby amended by adding at the end of sard piaragrap e fo : _ . ,gg_•=j§x_fP$gr¤; "Fourth. ousehold and other not held for sale and sums. ownedby ap`; person m the public service tem rarily residing in the Diiptrxct of . lumbica;1 who is a citizen of any Elligo or Territory and wozstaxedonsu personal ropertyinsu tateorTerri ." ,,{,§§""‘°"°' ""°"‘ Sec. 11. That it shall be unlawful or an foreign public iftibty ng~=¤¤=¤¤¤ ·g=m¤gg corporation, or for an foreign or local holding corporation, orfor ¤ name by other any local street railroad- corporation, gas corporation, electricco ra- “'*’°“‘“°‘“ tion telephone corporation, telegap cogporation, or any otherqlgcal ublic utility co ration, direc y or in xrectl , to own control or

  • '£° Y i ,

hold or vote stoc or bonds of any public utility corporation organized under any general incorporation law or special Act of the United States or authorized under any law of the United States to do business in the District of Columbia, except as heretofore or hereafter expressly authorized by_ Congress; and xt shall be unlawfulfor an public utrhty corporation organized or authorized as aforesaid to sell oi·_ transfer any_ portion of 1i·S stock or bonds to anyother public utility coriporatxon or holding corporation whatsoever, unless heretofore or. ereaftera§>ressly authorized by Congress so to do; and every contract, tr er, agreement to tramfer, or assignment by any sud public ptilit? corporation o anized or authorized as aforemmmmd K said of any portion o its stock or bodds without such authority shall aeurt to n...i$$“..¥ be utterly void and of no effect. That the Supreme Court of the g_'*”°° '°' '*°'*“°¤· of Columbia, on application of the District of Columbia by its Commissioners or attorney, or on apphcation of the United States by its proper oflicer,_ or on a lication of any shareholder interested in any suc cotfhporatrons, shrsllhave jurisdiction in equity to dissolve any publ1c_u ty _ ration organized under any general incorporation law or s section of the United States, or authorized under any law of United States to_ do business in the District of Columbia, for violation of any of the provisions of this section or of °"’°"'°"‘°“"‘*'· theircharters; and further, to require any foreign public utili corporation, or foreign or locahholding corporation which owns (holds or controls, or. which shall ereafter own, hold, or control any sucli slzplclgr bonds réoalhuy to auytgf the prohvisions of this section, to pose o e same om ' Q,_,,,,"°°"‘,, ,, mm bonds: Provided, That in case the all ati me invoungpuch Block 91. _ _ 68 any 1ll filed m sand ¤¤¤¤r~¤- court relate to the ownership of stock or londs of a local corporation gt•s¥;Yc§>u1i1’•;?la¤;>1;`p;<;1tL¤tt&e;1];, then it must betspown to the satisfaction . . ¤1'¤h1p es a . of the capital stock of the local corporation. mt twenty per ummm