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`84 SIXTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Gus. 75, 7'{. 1912. ` ,1*-.,, *6.**, go thirty-two hundrlgli and fovrity-thiee, hundred and sac-aaa. n an twen -nine as ““*¤·~%$_ _: ·#— °&..-2§·‘3? .{.’.‘i’r..l‘;§.. to mei.3 gum ' ¤~ an -eigh' t,thirty' our an to_tl;urty` ~our un


tes, an o_ provisions _ wx I0·lBI!l8l ven f 'arehere madeteexten to innd inclurclae mllcaypgyutoutln taxesimposad Act to the articles upon which an ;to the persons upon whom they are imposed. “*°'•°*’°'¥*·”"— Sec. lg. That this Act shall take egglet on Juliyediirst, tnihgeticen hum'; tlnrj exec as vi in t; an ` - to its applicatiopii to tl: sale or{·e§n&)val of white phgiaiphorus gnatc manufacturers, asdtgf it shall take act on anuary mneteen un an n. Approved, ’A;n·il 9,1912.

   the · 77r_Afiv§tIndian     gelgtate oftSt:uth Dakotld, and on the
 the ntuetsouthbak dNorthDako

. [Pulte, No. un.] in ota an II. B¢·ite1uu:¢ed‘by the8enote ndH MU `ted

d‘§§ Sides of almeriea in Uongrgs   at any ;;’l'Sq(£1 whowlias

ad I Da. ¤· 1>•-*4 heretofore made a homestead enizggcg-vland which was formerl a part neéuunm an of the Cheyenne River Indian ation, in the State oz South

¤§"{§ Dakota or the Standin&Rocl; Indian Reservation, in the States of

"*="‘·¤-·· iam; 1'°“"°“·'23§* ”° ”‘f.m**:.;’.‘i":‘.;,»."’ “‘° ‘°" ?""'°‘{:.‘; wen ·nm , nineteen t, a to r%{ter ani} receiver of the land oiliee in the orpgigtricts in w ch the land is located for an extension of time within which to make payment of any amount that is about to become due, and upon the payment of mterest for one year m advance, at Eve per centum per upon the amohmt due, such Izayment wilgd be extended for a one year an an aymen so ma

 be extendddfora pin? of one yearin the sami  

_ M pr the Iastpa ent and all other palyments must be made am. within a pmodnot exceesg one year after the ast payment becomes due by the terms of the Act under which the eng was made; that all moneys paid for interest as herem provided sh be deposited in the d Treasury to the credit the Indians as a part of the proceeds received ,,Q"""‘°"*°" ‘ for the land: provided furt7w1-, That any entryman who has resided upon and the land embraced m his entry forthetpenod of time required by law in order to make commutation proo , may make proof, and if the same is approved, further residence and cultivation °°'“”“°°•~ will not be required: Promsed, That any and all paym tg must bg made whe¤ due unless the entryman applies for an extension and pays mterest at live per centum per annum m advance u on the ?.?¤‘1°Y‘.§$‘¤€`$?.¤”.’;°.‘I.‘»P?°I‘h`Z°°’m.»n.““ "°‘°"‘ ’““}.'..'3° """"°1l)",.l““.,."‘.,}, 0 nee hmmm M W wigh th; p§;>·nds hereof. sk P P B Q m nm ” nc. .’ at 'ureto ymentth t be p the same be estended, or I2 m3L1ZnI;extended:>a%}ent sind; {gil; the time to which such payment has been extended as herein provided will forfeit the entryand thesame shall becanceled, and any and all pagments theretofore made shall be forfeited. · _;•£$*••¤*•*”* nci£3i. _That afect any valid adverse pamage o t. Approved, April 13, 1912. c