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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. CHS. 78-80. 1912. 85 CHAP. 78.—An Act To rovide for an extension of time of en all un A fil I5. 19l2· pogments due from homestexbders on the Coeur d’Alene Indiaiiaggserirxilion, :

1 deg ger under an Act of Congrem approved June twenty-first, nineteen hun [Public. No- 120-]

Be it enacted by the Senate and House 1y' Re esentatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, TKt any person who has d,E§°‘§',QlQ§?§f,§§` heretofore made a homestead entry for land which was formerly a part I°§¤¤· l ` of the Coeur d’Alene Indian Reservation, in the State of Idaho, eea$.i°1¤¤as,?a’b¤w‘$ii authorized by the Act Eproved June twenty-first, nineteen hundred f,2$},§‘§,§‘@? “”‘° ‘°' and six, may a ply to e register and receiver of the land office in V¤l·$4·1>·336· the district or districts in which the land is located for an extension of time within which to make payment of any amount that is about to become due, and upon the payment of interest for one year in advance, at five per centum per annum upon the amount due, such payment will be extended for a period of one year, and any payment so extended may annually thereafter be extended for a period of one year in the same manner: Provakied, That the last payment and all ·f,'§”§°Y{,,m {0, py. other payments must be made within a period not exceeding one year ¤°¤'*· after the last payment becomes due by the terms of the Act under which the entryewas made; that all moneys paid for interest as herein provided shall deposited in the Treasury to the credit of the Indians as a part of the proceeds received for the lands. zkue Sec. 2. That ailure to make any payment that may be due, unless ,,,,’;,‘§{',’,,,,_- *°' "°'* the same be extended, or to make any extended payment at or before the time to which such payment has been extended as herein provided, will forfeit the entry and the same shall be canceled, and any and all payments theretofore made shall be forfeited. d sc. 3. That nothing herein contained shall affect any valid adverse ,..};'?.li;#.$”°°l‘*"" claim initiated prior to the passage of this Act. Approved, April 15, 1912. CHAP. 79.-An Act To extend the time for the construction of a dam across f§’l;l%}§33- Rock River, Illinois. [Public; No. 121.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House ofRqresentat¢}ves of t/ae United StatesqfAmerieain Congressassembled, That the time forthe commence- ¥§’,$,§ ¥,§§$,§,,,m, _ ment and completion of the construction of a dam across Rock River, Bxvrg{¤.8{‘¤¤·. ¤é;¤¤:$- Illinois, authorized by the Act entitled "An Act permitting the build- '°` ing of a dam across Rock River, near Bgron, 1llinois," approved February eighteenth, nineteen hundred an eleven be extended for one and three years, respectively, from the date of the passage of this Act. Sec. 2. Ihat the right to alter, amend, or renea this Act is hereby "“‘°""“‘°"'· )xpressly reserved. Approved, April 15, 1912. CRAP, §0.—An Act Appropriating three lumdrcd thousand dollars for the pnrpose ;i,_1%;·i2_’j ofmamtsming and protecting against the impending flood the levees on the Mnssnmippi River and nvcrs tributary thereto. ’ Be it enacted by the Senate and H ause of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the sum o three hun- ,,,,’§§',f*"“’*’i M"' dred thousand dollars be, and the same ishereby, appropriated, out Avv¤¤v¤¤¤*>¤ *°¤‘ . . · protecting 1 e v e cn of any mone in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to be .g¤x¤.e. expended umlbr the direction of the Secretary of ar in accordance §,,"§‘,_·,§’{,i'2;,,. 63;, with the plans,specifications, and recommendations of the Mississippi River Commission, as approved by the Chief of Engineers, for the purpose of maintaining and against the impending Hood the levees on the Mississippi iver an rivers tributary thereto. Approved, April 16, 1912.