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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 97. 1912. 95 the Diplomatic and Consular Service for the fiscal year ending June thrrtreth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, out of any money m the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the objects hereinafter expressed, namely: sanaams or amsassanons AND Mmrsrnxs. ¤•¥¤¤••· Ambassadors extraordinary and plenipotenti to Austria-Hum ·*m”••¤•¤°*¤- giary, Brazil, France, Germany, Great Britain Itlily, Japan, Mexico, ussra, and Turkey, at seventeen thousand five hundred dollars earigr, one hundred dard sevegty-five thousand dollars; En Hu _ nvoys extraor ary an mir1isters p eni tentia to the n- '°Y’ °’“'°° ‘ ture Republic, Belgium, Chile China, Cubii.? the N';therlan£l-gaind wrviiggugilhwu Lpxembérrégmand Spam, at twelve thousand dollars each, eighty-four ousan dollars; · Envoys extraordinar£ and ministers plenipotentia to Bolivia, Colombia, Costa _R1ca, enmark, Ecuador, Greece anllyMontenegro, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Morocco, Nicaragua Norway, Panama, Parglguay and Uruguay, Persia, Peru, Portugal, Salvador, Siam, Sw en, Switzerlan , and Venezuela, at ten thousand dollars each, two hundred and twenty thousand dollars; Envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary to Roumania, Servra, and Bulgaria, ten thousand dollars; Exigvcoy pgitraordislary ang gnflmster plenipotentiary to the Dominican pu c ten thousand dollarsd gdiuister resident and consul general to Liberia, five thousand m1gi%,;%;:<}:L¤¤ o ars; - t and consul neral at Cairo, six thousand five hundred *¤°”‘·°'°··°“"°· dollars- gc Prordkicd, That no al herein a pro riated shall be aid to any S"'°"“°{· . official receiving anys 0:% salary fliom Pthe United Stages Govern- Mmmm ment; Ch & d’aifaires ad interim, forty-five thousand dollars; chu-ses amuse. To:.-l: five hundred and fifty-five thousand five hundred dollars. sanamrzs or smcrzurranms or mmassms nm LEGATIONS. ,,§,§f,’§?f,§,§°f,8‘;{,°§,‘}‘_' Secretaries of embassy to Austria-Hungary, Brazil Great Britain, E‘°"""*°'· France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, and Turkey, at three thousand dollars each, thirty thousand dollars; _ dfsiziarilese secretary of em assy to Japan, three thousand six hun- ° 0 Q . d T(;1:1l<i§llr:ecretar·y of embassy to Turkey, three thousand six hun- ¥'° 0 S . d Shineseuiiecretary, legation to China, three thousand srx hundred I»¢•¤¤¤•· 0 3 . ° . Sgietaries of l ation to the Arégentine Republic, Belgium, Chile, China, Cuba, theelletherlands an Luxemburg, and Spam, at two thousand six hundred and twengy-five dollars each, eighteen thousand three hundred and sevent · ve dollars. Secretaries of legation to Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Liberia, Morocco, Nl08f$U8, Norway, Panama, Peru Port al, Sweden, Switzerland and enezuela, at two thousand dollars eei.151, thirty-four thousand dollars; Secreta of legatiou to the Dominican Republic and consul general at Santo Eimingo, two thousand dollars; · d Sergretaay of legiagion to Salvador and consul general to San Salvo- . or usan ollars; Sbciyezarxrocf legation to Siam and consul general at Bangkok, two thousand ollars;