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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. II. Cas. 106, 107. 1912. 109 Sec. 2. That the name of such body corporate shall be "Amer·ican N¤¤•· Numismatic Association," and by that name it shall have succession of fifty years, save as hereinafter provided. Sec. 3. That the objects of the said corporation shall be to advance °"’°°"· °‘°· the knowledge of numismatics alonlg educational, historical, and scientific lines in all its various branc es; to assist in bringing about better cooperation between all persons interested in the coinage circulation, classification, collection, sales, exhibition, use, and preservation of all coins, bills, and medals; to acquire and disseminate trustworthy information bearing upon these topics; to romote greater popular interest in the science of numismatolog, and) for the particular purpose of bringing the numismatists of America into closer relations with one another, and of promoting friendly feeling for one, another through social intercourse, the interchange of ideas and discussions of mutual interest; to acquire, own, hold, and dispose of such personal property and own real estate for its own use, as may be necessary to rfpropery carry into effect the piuposes herein set forth, and tgps orm all such other acts and things as may be necessary to the I carrying into effect the said purposes, but such purposes do not include operations for pecuniary profit. ‘ 0 _Sec. 4. That the principal office of said association shall be in the M"' District of Columbia, but the association through its re resentatives shall have power to establish and maintain such other oéices throughout America as the business of the association ma re uire. Sec. 5. That the control of such corporation sgall be vested in a n°“d°"°'°m°"' board of five governors, to be elected by the members of such association. The incorporators hereof shall act as the board of governors for the first year and until others are chosen in their stead. ’ Byqgm m Sec. 6. That the board of governors shall have the power to make ' such prudential by-laws and regulations as they n;ly deem proper for the management and contro of the business aifairs of the gswtgauprkgot inconsistent with this Act or the laws of the United · ta o erica. . - Sec. 7. That said association shall further have power to have ani mu mm use a common seal and to alter and ch e the same at its pleasure; to sue and be sued in any cour·t of theuTl§nited States or other court of competent jurisdiction; to take or receive for the piuéposes of the association any gift, grant, or devise, and to accept an admrmster any trust for the purposes of the association. mmdmmt Sec. 8. That this Act shall be subject to alteration, amendment, or repeal at the pleasure of the Congress of the United States. beam Sec. 9. That this Act shall take effect immediately on its passage. Approved, May 9, 1912. · CHAP. 107 .·-An Act Providing an appropriation to check the inroads of the Mis- [§_°;__°§;·?-if'] souri River in Dakota County, Ne raske. Be it enacted the Senate and House of l? eaentativea of the United · States of Amergr in Ocmgreaa assembled, Kt the Secretary of War iirci-ag¤°eilerBfiei°&a¤ be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed toproceed, in accordance §}',b,’j‘§°,,,,‘;‘,f°g’,§§§ with such plans, specifications, and recommendations as may be our. approved by the Chief of En 'neers, to take such steps as may be necessary to check the inroa£l now making by the Missouri River upon the banks of said river in Dakota County, State of Nebraska, opposite the cityl of Sioux City Iowa, as may appear to be necessary, an to build suc revetment and other protecting work along sand l'1V0f A Pmpmum as may be needed for the permanent protection of said bank. _That P for said purpose there is hereby appropriated, from the money rn the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of nity thousand dollars, or- so much thereof as may be necessary. Approved, May 9, 1912.