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148 SIXTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. II. Ch. 182. 1912; ngivgvmuv •¤¤ IMI’R0 AND REPAIRS. _

  • ""'*'t""""’°` Assnssrrnrrr arm r·mn¢r·r wont: For assessment and permit work,

· Dinah two hundred and twenty thousand ‘ ,,"m,°'*_“‘ ‘“‘°“““’ Won: on sramrrs up avnmms: For work on streets and avenues named in Appendix M, Book of Ihtrmates, nineteen hundred and thirteen, seveng thousand one hundred dollars, to be expended — in the discretion of e upon streets and avenues specified in the schedules named said appendix and in the aggregate for naw eachscheduleasstatedherem,nam y: Gmoaenown summon: Three thousand dollars. Nomrrwnsr snorrorw somrnuu: (including Florida Avenue from Sixteenth Street to V Street): '1‘wenty-eight thousand five hundred dollars. Sourrrwnsr sncrrozw scmxnuurz Five thousand six hundred dollars. — Sournasr smcrrou scmrnuu (including Pennsylvania Avenue, north side, from Thirteenth Street to Fourteenth Street, and E Street gm Sixteenth Street to Seventeenth Street): Twenty thousand Norrnasr gone? sc1rzr>ur.atl1(‘includi¤[f K Street from Fourth Street to treet : wand . gh? ved was Provided, That streets and avenues named in said schedules already

  • '¢*¤*'*l==*·•°°· paved with Bdgian block or granite shall-not be paved or otherwise

improved under this approprra ° and the remarning streets and avenuuaexeggtashererns _ ,shall becontractedfom·mtlre orderinwhi they appearrnsaidechedules, andbeeorgngetedm . suchorderasnearlyaspracticable,andshall bepaved,m discre- M ‘tionof theeommnsioners, insteadofbeing$ledandregulated. ,,.%?§,.,_ wm Under ap _ pnations contained in this no contract be made for £g or relaying asphalt pavement at a higher price than one dollar and egllgty cents (ger uare yard for a quahty equal to the best laidin the trict of _ lur·rll>ia(1priortoJn1lyiirst, eighteen hundred and eigh -erx,·and with same epth of base, nor more than one _ dollar and e` ty cents per square guard for standard asphalt block pavement equal to the best lei in the District of Columbia prior $3% mens. to July first, nineteen hundred and four: Provided, That these conditions a.s to moe and depth of base shall not apply to those streets on which, in jucagment of the commissioners, y reason of heavy traiiic, poor foun ation, or other causes, a gavement of more than ordinargrdstrengthdisllrigerezguired, in whicxhrgase the limit of price may be increas to two o square . "‘""‘ ° "'°“ sm For- paving G Street sopnilfheast, béween Pennsylvania Avenue and dl Fourteenth treet, thirty-five foot roadway, ix thousand dollars. mE,'f"“‘ ""°“"° For paving allay connecting E and G Streets, in square numbered ` grge thoarn dan f<;1r;t§-three, two thousand five hundred dollars, to rmm at y ava e. •¤¥r°¥lr`i»°r{l.B.vS”°Q°»is‘ For paving the north of B Street northwest, between NW- Seventeenth treet and V`u·§rn.ia venue, and Virginia Avenue north- {est, betgvelen B Street an Eighteenth Street, seven thousand two undred dollars. ""‘°“S““°° "“" Authority is given for the expenditure of not more than six thousand'_dollars of the existing a propriation for elimination of grade crossings, purchase of land, gnnhng, and so forth, for the pavin of the central island in the Umon tation Plaza in connection with the curl Entlglpproprratron for elimination of grade crossings, improvement of e aza. G"‘“"* Genome sraenjrs, anurrs, ann norms: For labor and for- the Eurchase and repair of cars, carts tools, or the hire of the same, and orses, and themmates of the Wzashnngten Asylum and jail may be used rn connection with this work, fifteen thousand dollars.