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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 182. 1912. 149 Counmntrarron or srnmrrrs, aoans, AND Anuzrsz For purchase or "*’“‘*°”“““°“- eonderrmatron of streets, roads, and allevs, one thousand dollars. CONSTRUCTION or sunrmmu Roms: Foraconstruction of suburban ,§.‘}§,,‘{'°‘“ '°°°"“° roads and suburban streets, to be disbursed and accounted for as °°““°’“°“°“· "Construction of suburban roads and suburban streets," and for that pu§>o;%1t shaléclgstrtrgze one rlfrrhprd, as iolloigsz o wes . e ont treet, t t rt th St ts, , six Nthorgsand three hugdred dollars fen 0 Ou an me Pave ort west. rving treet Ele enth to Thirt th St ts, , five thousand five hundred dollars; can me pave Northwest. Earrmont Street, Eleventh to Thirteenth Streets, pave, five thousand nine hundred dollars; thNorth§vest. llfinth Stréeiti, Barry Place to Euclid Street, grade, one ousan two un dollars; Northeast. Fourteenth Street, Newton to Jackson Streets, grade, two thousand one hundred dollars; Northwest. Thirty-fourth Street, Macomb to Newark Streets, grade, three thousand five hundred and fifty dollars; Northwest. Columbia Road, Georgia Avenue to Park Place, grade ang usgrove, sleévertrhtléousandlgive huxidred and fig}? dollars; o west. in treet, ansas venue to ison Street, ad an:%_ Eprove, four thorésand eight hungred and Hflgy dollars; gr 6 o west. on treet, eo 'a venue to inth St t, grad and iixprove, one thousand sevenrgirndred dollars: me 0 No west. Jefferson Street, Georga Avenue to Ninth Street, grade ang: improve, three thpusandlgollars; N ‘ k Ord ort west. y- o ace, rom ewar to way Streets, grade and imrgove, two thousand nine hundred dollars; Southeast. aleigh Place, Waclark Place to Nichols Avenue, grade angogrtglvel, on}; theusanlgll eighigrulndred dolllis P1 ad d u east. rot ers ace, ig view to ther ace, gr e an gravel, two thousand four hundred and fiftg dollars; Northeast. Twentieth Street, Rhode I and Avenue to Jackson Sltgeet, grade and improve, two thousand three hundred and fifty o ars; Northwest. Thirty-sixth Street, Macomb to Newark Streets, grade and im rove, two thousand six hundred dollars; - Southeast. Bruce Place, gravel, eight hundred dollars; lgorthwest. Sevetrilth Strelet, flrmkrp Tgylpr to Upshur Streets, grade an im , two usan an ty dollars; Nortiieiiga J acksoii Street, from Seventeenth to Eighteenth Streets, grade and improve, one thousand four hundred and twenty-five dol- 8-YS} Northwest. Ninth Street, from Rittenhouse to Sheridan Streets and Sheridan Street, from Ninth Street to Georgia Avenue, grade and imggove, three thousand one hundred and fifty dollars; utheast. Twent -second Street, Minnesota Avenue to Railroad Y Avenue, grade and improve, three thousand eight hundred dollars; Igorthwest. Upshlur Stregtzfiieorgia Avenue to Eighth Street, grade an im rove, two thousand dollars; Nortiieast. Kearney Street, from Tenth to Twelfth Streets, grade and improve, one thousand five hundred and fifty dollars; Sout east. Minnesota Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue to Twenty· eig§tlIit}Street, lgragsoang gravelirthreer thousand '{arrri garllngred dollars o east. ac n treet, om enth to e t treets, an Tenttl;1Streeti fror;1 tg geamey Streets, grade and improve, two thousand eig t un re dollars; d§>l0¤\;Stheast. Streets in Anacostia, grade and improve, three thousand Northwest. Fessenden Street, Wisconsin Avenue to River Road, grade and improve, six thousand two hundred dollars;