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150 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 182. 1912. Northwest. Tilden Street, from end of asphalt to Rock Creek Park, grade and imrnkove, fourteen thousand five undred dollars; Northeast. onroe Street, Fifteenth Street to Seventeenth Street, grade and rm ve, three thousand five hundred dollars; Southeast. Izfrgventy-third Street, N tyler Road to R Street, and R Etrenf, §ny5o5I§1oad to Twenty-secon Street, grade, three thousand - ve un dollars; . _ ‘ Northeast. Hunt Place, Dean Avenue, and Grant Street, Minnesota Avenue to Division Avenue, five thorsand dollars; _ Northeast. Hamlin Street, from Rhode Island Avenue to Twentieth Street, grade and improve, two thousand six hundred dollars; ` Northeast. Eighteenth Street, from Newton to Irving Streets, grade and im rove, seven thousand three hundred· Northeast. Seventeenth Street, from Hamlin Street to Rhode Island Avenue, grade and improve, seven thousand six hrmdred dollars: Northeast. Jackson Street, between Twentieth and Twenty-second Streets grade andidlnggrove, one thousand srx hrmdred dollars; In all one htm and twenty-nine thousand Eve hundred and U twenty-dve dollars. _ _ _ _ •• vi ¤¤=¤=¤i¤°¤· Hereafter the use of brturmnous macadam rs authorized on streets, m°°d“°' avenues, and roads to be improved or paved. “{¤¤¤! °* **°°°· Rararns sranms, avmvuns, arm auxrsz For current work of repairs of streets, avenues, and ailing, including resurfacing and repairs to anlsnphalt pavements with same or other not inferior material, maintenance of motor vehicle for use of Engineer Commissioner and his assistants, three hrmdred and sixty thousand gf'·;“•F•·;•·m“y__ dollars: Provided, That this appropriation shall be available for repairing the pavements of the street railways when necessary; the amounts thus expended shall be collected from such railroad company v·>1·¤».1>·1¤f» as provided by section five of "An Act providing a Bgermanent orm of vernment for the District of Columb1a," a£prov June eleventh, eigioteen hundred and seventy-eight, and sh be dceziosited to the credit of the appropriation for the fiscal year in whi· the are col- ’,£¤gi<=iv•¤ ¤¤¤*“ lectedz Providaflfurther, That the sum of five thousand dollars, or- so mmepesg em. much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated, to enable °‘°··°'· the Commissioners of the District of Columbia to make a. thorough investigation of the desirability and cost of establishing a municipal asphalt plant, mcludrng personal services and necessary expenses, ¤•r>¤¤- report to be made to Congress at the beginning of the next session: Providedgilrther, That the facts upon which the conclusions are based vlmww ¤¤¤·** shall be y stated in said report: Prmnkied further, That the Cornmissrorfers of the District of Columbia are hereby authorized to purchase from this aptgroprratron a portable aspnalt plant at a cost not to exceed seven _ ousand five undred dollars and to operate said plant under their immediate direction in doing such work of repairs to asphalt pavements as_in their judgment may be economically performed by the use of said plant, an so much of this approp\nn§.:>vn)rn(s rs necessary for this purpose is hereby made availab e for ,,,§‘,,,L""‘*‘.,,,""_ °“"’ _ The authonty given the Commissioners of the District of Columbia V¤ M- ¤· ¤¤°· in the Act making appropriations for the expenses of the District of Columbrnil nzpproved arch_secoud, nineteen hundred and seven, to make su_ anges m hnes of the curb of Pennsylvania Avenue and rts intersecting streets m connection with their resurfacing as they may consider necessary and advisable is hereby made applicable to such streets and avenues as may be improved under appro ria- §"°°"'°,mmgL tions contamed m this Act: Provided, That no such change shall be irllggirnjnrnlmegsilzhem shall result therefrom a decrease in the cost of the