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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 182. 1912. 151 For replacing and re ' sidewalks and curbs around public S*°°"•“¤ ud reservations and municigal biiildings, seven thousand dollars. P cm" Rammzs su amznau norms; For current work of repairs of suburban f,·g*¤*°•¤ ¤>·•*¤· =¤· roads and suburban streets, including the maintenance of one motor V ` vehicle, four motor cycles, and one truck, and purchase or hire of four motor cycles for the official use of foremen or inspectors, one hundred ang forty tholrrsand dollars. moons; or construction and re airs of bridges, i.ncludmg' not m‘*°¢·* exceediiiilsrx thousand dollars for repgir of the Calvert Street Bridge, m'mm°°" twenty- ee thousand dollars. Hrg way Bridge across Potomac River: Two draw operators, at one H"’“"’ mm"- thousand and twenty dollars each ; draw operator, seven hundred and twenty dollars; four watchmen, at six hundred dollars each· labor, one thousand five hrmdred dollars; lighting, power, and miscellaneous supplies, and_ expenses of every kind necessarily incident to the operation and maintenance of the bridge and approaches, nine thousand · three hundred and forty dollars; in all, sixteen thousand dollars. Operation of the Anacostia River Bridge: For employees, miscella- *"‘°°'“‘°"“’*°· neous supphes, and expenses of every kind necessary to the opleration and maintenance of the bridge, five thousand six hundred dollars. For continuing the construction of the bridge across Rock Creek ¤¤¤•¤¤¤¤••· on the line of Q treet, including the approaches thereto, eighty thousand dollars. SEWERS. °°"°"‘ d {for cleaning and repairing sewers and basins, sixty-five thousand °'°"‘“"·°*°· o ars. And the commissioners are authorized to purchase from the appro- “°‘°' “'“°"’· priation for cleaning and sewers and basins, two motor trucks, at a. cost not to exc one ousand nine hundred and eighty dollars each. _ For operation and maintenance of the sewage pumping service, P“"“’”" "‘“°"· including repairs to boilers, machinery, and pumping stations, and the em loyment of mechanics, laborers, and watchman, the purchase of coal., oils, waste, and other srgrplies, and for the maintenance of motor trucks, forty-four thousand ve hundred dollars. _ d ger main and pipe sewers and receiving basins, srxty-five thousand “"“ ‘“" *"*’°~ o ars. For suburban sewers, one hundred and thirty thousand dollars. °“"°"’*”· For assmsment and permit work, sewers, one hundred and twenty- five thousand dollars. _ _ For purchase or condemnation of rights of way for construction, R*8‘*“°"'•Y· maintenance, and repair of public sewers, one thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. _ _ Anacostia main intercepter: For continuing the construction of the u${,;°°’“• *°*°'“ Anacostia main intercepter along the Anacostia River between the outfall sewer, sewage-disposal system, at Poplar Pomt, and Benmng, District of Columbia, forty thousand dollars. _ _ mk cnet mm Rock Creek main intercepter: For continuing the construction of c.,,,,.,,_ the Rock Creek main intercepter from P Street to Military Road, forty thousand dollars. srasms. sm DUST rrznvzrvrrox, cnmaxmo, AND snow azuovn.: For dust pre- °’°‘“’·“‘·°“" vention, sweeping, and cleaning streets, avenues, alleys, and subur rm streets, under the immediate direction of the Commrssroners of the dm. D1St!‘1ct of Columbia, and for cleaning snow and ice from streets, side- S"' “‘ yvalks, crosswalks, and gutters, in the discretion of the commissioners, including services and the purchase and maintenance of equipment, 87618°—vor. 37—1>·r 1--12 “