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152 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Srss. II. Ch. 182. 1912. t of to rooms; maintenance and repairs of stables, hire, purxlaise aird rriiggntenance of horses- hire, purchase, maintenance, and repair of wagons, harness, and other equipment, allowance to inspectors for maintenance of horses and yehrcles used m the performance of official duties, not to exceed thirty dollars per month fpg each inspector, purchase, maintenance, and_ repair of motor·propell _ . vehicles necessary m olperation and supervrsrorgl and necessary merdental expexpes, two undred and sixty-five ousand dollars, and th: qiornmrssiixcilners shall so apportion this appropriation as to prevent a e ciency erem. · _ _ _ B°"*°'*' °‘ '“""' Hereafter treetrail in the District of Columbia ivilnh P, Immu- shall keep its :1-631; and thevdylielclgllgtzggen and for a distance of two feet outside thereof at the crossings of the several streets which mtersect their railroads, at all times free from snow and nee, and not spoil or deposit the same in such location and quanltsiy as to impede pr hinderdtrallic. And in the evtinzhqg iltget way corulzpany ailing efusmg` to m wi n wo ma be armgubyrare c¤mmZ°sJiZ¤ or are neuter of cormtn, ia med discretion, after notice to said company, the cost to be paid from the appropriation available for cleaning snow and ice from streets,_s1de- V°'- ’°· 1* 1** walks, crosswalks, and gutters and collected from such street railway company in the manner provided for in section five of anact providing a permanentform of government for the District of Qolumbia, approved June eleventh, eighteen hundred and_seventg;e§Sl;t, and • all_be deposihed tt;] the credit of the appropriation for e al year in which '1; . , A m';'•P°•*°*°"Y""1 or crrr nnrusm: For the collection and digest! of garbage and dead animals; miscellaneous refuse and ashes m private residences in the city of Washington and more densely populated suburbs; for collection and disposal of mght soil Il?. the District of Columbrg; anddfor gre payment o ne<i1essa§iJy`édmspe(ption, livery of li i the , one un se e - ' P__m_ ,_ a$§.?e?m£’u$sd .¤1_§’§i’i·'i§·‘3;.s drum. ““ I V ml; .,0,, °°"“” o comnssrom or contmgen e nses inc udmg' - ers, , nurserymen, repair men, teainsters cart ubid; trees, tree boxes, tree stakes, tree straps, tree labels, planting and care of trees on city and suburban streets, care of trees, tree spaces, purchase and maintenance of automobile truck, and miscellaneous items Eve thousand dollars of which shall be immediately available for labor and for_the purchase of machinery and matena to extermmate insects injurious to trees, forty-five thousand dollars. B•“**¤¤"°‘°**- Bxrinmohnzag Fos suqftnngepldent, six hundred dollars; wapchman,our un ane yoars;temor , ‘, and maintenance two thousand two huri)dre¤d·ys;(i¢Ilv1 Sldldhdrih for repairs to bu dings, pools, and the upkeep of the grounds, one thqpluiaixetl iigeuhundre dollars; m all, four thousand erght hundred an y dollars.

  • `“°"° '°"“'~ h Pgrnerarcdslqanns: For replacement and repair of public scales, two

un dollars. il:1i$Q°s°l'il»Z Pnaroaoqmasc For maintenance, repairs, including labor, equipment, supplies, and necessary incidental and contingent expenses, four thousand dollars; “°l"·*”·°"* For repairs and replacement of apparatus and other equipment on the playgroumds, including painting, grading fencing, cutting grass, and resurfacing, to_be immediately available so that the

 may be fully equépped and ready for operation on Jul

st, nineteen hundred an twelve, three thousand dollars, which 331;%% be paid wholly out of the revenues of the District of